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APWR 2010 China Wind Growth

|Includes:A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd. (APWR), FSLR

(OTC:APWR) is set to explode coming into 2010 with Wind, Solar, LNG, and other clean DPG power models ramping inside China and the new Thailand contract will add hundreds of millions of new revenues to a company with present market cap of 320 million.

I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but I can see the future potential for APWR beyond most investors ideas of growth.  I have referred to APWR as the next First Solar of China (NASDAQ:FSLR) as APWR ramps its foreign backed joint ventures into Wind energy and the aquisition of Eva_Tech Solar from Japan using Chinese government grants makes APWR a future green monster of China.

Shenyang Power Alliance , which APWR has 60% stake in, will be used for large power plants outside and inside China.   Shenyang Power Alliance has an MOU for a 1.5 billion LNG power station on Macau Island.   For a company with only 320 million current revenues, this addition will add millions of new profits to APWR balance sheet.

Wind power is the next big ramp in the APWR revenues growth story.  APWR has been delayed in the past for component  shortage and supply snafu's, but seems poised to actually begin wind turbine production with management on the conference call touting 30 2.7mw's and 30 750kw's by year end and a LARGE RAMP into 2010 for wind power revenues.

The reason Wall Street will love APWR down the road is the silly shennanigans of brokerage firms comparing quarter over quarter growth to previous year over year comparisons.   APWR revenue guidance for 1st quarter 2010 will be OVER 100 million in revenues if the Thailand contract is secured which will be compared to 31 million Q12009 results.   The coming move north in APWR share price should NOT be missed by LONG TERM """INVESTORS"" into clean power for China!


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