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China Moving to be Worlds Leader in Alternative Energy

|Includes:A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd. (APWR)
China Moving To Be World Leader Alternative Energy


My speculation is that the investment community is just getting to figuring out that the Chinese Government is getting serious about alternative energy.

The Chinese Government is combining resources, laws, regulations, politics, rules and regulations in an organized process for that to happen.

The Alliance is only one example of that movement.

Meanwhile, the USA Congress still worries more about being re-elected then dealing with issues critical to its long term well being of the USA citizens and its economic well being.

More change is happening at local USA State Government then at the national level in the USA , that is making investors starting to think that a China investment presents much etter odds for success.

US companies who export overseas will also be big winners in the emerging nations who trend to do what China is doing

Until, if and when and the USA congress gets is collective act together, the USA market will present a slower roll out of alternative energy investments opportunities for investors. There will always be expectations.

Bottom Line: China has made a economic decision to become a world leader in alternative energy solutions.

It has implemented REAL plans to obtain, develop, and improve its (home made) manufacture of alternative energy services and products.

China plans to export these services and products world- wide once it has obtained the knowledge and improved the technology based on its newly acquired knowledge from other leadership companies.

APWR is a model of the new Chinese Policy.

The execution of the APWR plan is still in question in the eyes of the investment community.

If one looks at all the Chinese new laws, economic stimulus they all point to the conclusion that the Chinese Government is dead serious.

Why do you think APWR is acquiring new technology know how research at cheap prices with the help of the Chinese Government?

By Accident?


I think not!


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