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My One-Liners (#1)

I posted a few good one-liners as comments on phrases in articles here on the Seeking Alpha site. The quoted material below contains the phrases or article titles I was riposting to.


Banking Comments:           

"European Banks: Too Big to Rescue?"

Too big to bail.


"How Goldman Sachs Games the System: ‘But it's a financial oligarch country and there is none more powerful than these.’"

Too big to jail. 

[Original with me.] 


"Ken Lewis stated, ‘We absolutely don't think we need additional capital.’"

What, me stressed?


"I have a feeling these 19 banks are going to need to study a little harder for their test. Professor Geithner is giving them an open book take home exam and gave them the answers."

No bank left behind.


"The only stake they should have is the one that goes into their corporate vampiric heart."

If you give a zombie a transfusion, it becomes a vampire.


"A friend of mine used to run a small bank. He liked to tell me that real estate loans were best because sooner or later the underlying value of the property always enabled them to be repaid. Unfortunately, his institution is no longer in existence."

The saying used to be, "Safe as houses"--which has a mordant sound today.


Policy Comments:

"I will ask, would it really be so wrong to require 'investors' to own a stock more than 10 seconds ...?"

I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave.


"Ben Bernanke was appointed by President Barack Obama on Tuesday to serve a second term. However, critics of Obama’s decision were plentiful ..." 

Can the kicker.


"government-issued adrenaline"

aka "Bennies"


"The Federal Reserve Cannot Account for $9 Trillion in Off-Balance Sheet Transactions?"

Have they checked under the cushions?


"as the credit crisis has progressed, the Fed has become willing to accept more and more risky collateral, ..."

Royals are rare in a house of cards.


"Mañana, mañana, mañana was the mantra of denial ..."

Mañana republic.


"You can't drink yourself sober."

NOW you tell me!!!


"Evil or stupid?"

IOW, Dark or Dim?


"Where Are We on the Roadmap?" 

Not in Kansas.


“Toasting Unintended Consequences"

Out of the frying pan and into the soup.


Miscellaneous Comments:

"Microsoft Rubs Salt: Asks for Some Severance Back"

The Empire Claws Back!


"Morgan Stanley analyst Kathryn Huberty thinks that Apple can’t outrun a slowing economy."

Apple doesn't have to outrun the bear, it just has to outrun Microsoft.


Bearish Comments:

"Sales of stomach remedy tablets ... climbed 8 percent."

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of Tums!


"S&P's New High for 2009 - Another Victory for the Bulls"



"if you define a bull market as one that is driven higher by fraudulent activities ... then it is possible we may have a new bull market."

Call it a "bull" market.

"Recession Is Over"

Happy Days Are Here Again was a hit song IN THE SPRING OF 1930.


"I believe that economic Armageddon is off the table" ...

... and under the rug.


"You should buy when fear is the greatest - and this may be now."

We have not yet begun to fear.


"Greenspan Thinks Bottom Has Arrived"



"The Coppock Guide Signals the Start of a New Bull Market"

See you later, oscillator.


"What Shape Is This Recession? ‘I have seen the usual V, the L, the W and the oh so popular U. I now see yet another stroke, the X.’"

How about an "h"?


"wall o' worry" ...

... Said Humpty Dumpty


“There hasn’t been a recession yet that hasn’t ended.”

Tell it to Japan.


"A week from now I hope the market has moved nicely higher, and if it does, we will again be reminded that 'hope springs eternal' ..."

Hype springs eternal.


“The Tide Has Turned”

It's the second half of the hurricane that gets you.


"The early bird gets the worm."

And the early worm gets the bird.