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​Household Pests Is A Serious Health Hazards Concern Amongst Americans

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Majority of American households infested by pests, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, which reported that 78 to 98 percent of urban homes have as much as 900 to 330,000 cockroaches per home.

The presence of other pests such as rodents, ticks and mosquitoes in the households has become a serious concern because of the health hazards that these pests bring.

According to Dr. Jorge Parada of the National Pest Management Association, cockroaches have many negative effects on human health because of certain proteins, known as allergens that are found in their feces, saliva and body parts. These allergens trigger allergic reactions or asthma symptoms in both children and adults.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHSS) reported that 20 percent of children in America are severely sensitive to cockroach allergens, thus increasing the severity of asthma symptoms.

Findings from the National Cooperative Inner-City Asthma Study (NCICAS) showed that around 23 to 60 percent of asthmatic individuals are sensitive to cockroach allergens. The study also showed that elderly asthmatics developed more severe asthma because of cockroach allergens.

Scientists found that cockroaches thrives in warm environments but avoids lighted areas. These insects are mostly found where there is food and water such as kitchens, pantries, and bathrooms. Cockroach allergy was discovered in 1943 after certain patients developed rashes when the insect crawled on their skin. Subsequent studies established that cockroach allergens can act as a trigger for acute asthma attacks.

Aside from allergens, the hairy body of cockroaches can also help transport microbes such as pathogens which are known to be harmful to humans, including E. Coli and salmonella, worms and other bacteria. The spread of the bacteria can cause food poisoning and gastroenteritis which, if severe, can be life threatening.

Aside from cockroaches, many American households are also infected with rodents that are also known carriers of various bacteria such as salmonella. What makes the presence of rodents difficult to control is that they can enter through any crack or opening. The droppings of rodents most often causes diseases, including a deadly disease known as Hantavirus.

Another nuisance and disease-causing pest is the mosquito. The prevalence of the West Nile virus made it more necessary for individuals to protect themselves from mosquito bites. Certain species of mosquitoes also carries other deadly diseases, or causes allergic reactions in some individuals.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (NASDAQ:CDC), households need to be protected from mosquitoes, and that people should be take notice of possible nesting and breeding grounds of this insect. One way is to eliminate stagnant water inside and outside the house

Regarding cockroaches, households should kept clean and sanitary always. A clean environment is not very inviting to these pests. However, since cockroaches can enter the home through small cracks in the wall, the drainage or even electric sockets, eliminating cockroaches can be a challenge.

To protect the home from these health hazards, it is important to keep the house clean. Keep the counters and sinks free of dirt and clutter. Store food immediately in proper containers and be sure that no food particles are left outside. Also make sure that wall cracks and gaps, which can serve as entry for these pests, are sealed.

As for rodents, these creatures are likely to enter homes to look for food after winter. But what adds to the challenge of controlling these pests is the passage of local regulations that prohibit the use of rat poisons by consumers. Thus, households need to find acceptable alternatives to get rid of rodents.

Fortunately, new and breakthrough pest control products are now out in the market. One of these is ​Nature-Cide, which unlike other chemical pesticides, Nature-Cide has various formulas which are comprised of essential oils such as cedar oil, clove oil, cinnamon oil and cottonseed oil which are safe to use and do not emit harmful chemicals. And more important, the product has been proven to effectively kill and prevent the insects from coming back.

An all-natural pesticide, insecticide and insect repellent formulations, Nature-Cide is formulated from 100% natural essential oils. It is non-toxic to humans, pets, livestock, and plant life. It kills and repels cockroaches, mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, gnats, horse flies, spiders and more. The derma-friendly repellent is also water-based.

"Our company is not just here to spray a product thinking it's going to eradicate bugs and other pests," said company President and Founder Matthew Mills in the press release. "We are coming in to manage property so that homeowners can rest better by keeping their family, pets and property safe from these pests."

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