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IncrediMail Announces 1st Quarter and Diverse Revenue Stream (NASDAQ: MAIL)

|Includes:Perion Network Ltd. (PERI)

Today at 10:30AM IncrediMail Ltd. conducted first quarter 2010 conference call results, reporting an increase in revenue of 10% to $7 million from last year. The company also reported a net profit increase of 50% to $2.1 million or $.22 a share in comparison with last year.

During the last conference call, the biggest concern of analysts and investors was the relationship change between MAIL and Google. It was reiterated on this call that there are no new developments from Google, and that any changes would not be made in this year. Google is the world leader in search, a change in the relationship would most likely result in a drop in search revenue, although this was left unsaid. 


Incredimail begun to plan a diversification strategy this year, increasing revenue streams from other sources than Google in order to prepare for any changes that could possibly occur next year. The companys first strategy, is the use of IAC, a new search service in connetion with the instant messaging program Hiyo. The company has also just tapped the social media market place of both Facebook and Flickr using PhotoJoy.

I was able to participate in the call, and I inquired as to whether the company was looking into the mobile market place. This is the fastest growing trend in personal technology and an outlet to diversify revenue stream. It was explained to me that MAIL is looking into the mobile market and is currently researching for opportunity to penetrate with some sort of application or service, further details were not given. 
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