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THQ Takes Company of Heroes Online For the Fall (NASDAQ:THQI)

|Includes:THQ, Inc. (THQIQ)

THQI in connection with developer Relic Games today announced that it would take its Real Time Strategy game, Company of Heroes and applying it to an online model. The game is set to go online in the fall and will allow players to earn or purchase special units through wins against opponents. 

Company of heroes is a World War 2 reenactment game depicting very real graphics and two different “factions” of players to choose from. 

Online gaming has taken the world by storm, popularized by Xbox Live, games without online capabilities are becoming fewer and fewer. Specifically with real time strategy, it is important to play online as most artificial intelligence in the game is no match for a well versed player and the story mode often becomes redundant. 
I have followed THQ for some time and they are definitely one of my favorite gaming companies. This announcement comes at very poignant time as E3 and the release of Starcraft 2 (Blizzard/Activision) is threatening to release. 
If you haven’t heard about Starcraft, it is one of the longest standing real time strategy online games of all time. It has been popular for an insanely long time and its release is long awaited. The beta for Starcraft 2 has begun already, with no official release date set. In my opinion the game may be launched from E3, but who knows.
As a competitor in this space, THQI has their work cut out for them and will be hard pressed to gain players who are loyal to Blizzard and the Starcraft franchise. World Market Media will be following THQI in the upcoming summer months, when gaming stocks tend to really take off. 
Currently THQI is trading at 5.85 down .01 or .17% at a volume of 11k. For the year, THQ’s stock has been doing fairly well, trending up at times but remaining in the high $5 to low $6 range this year.  


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