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Going to the movies will always be a special past time in the U.S. No matter how expensive the tickets get, if the release is good enough, you will open up the wallet and turn to page 20. There is just something about it, and despite everyone’s complaints, movie releases continue to be a big part of our culture and industry. Even with the emergence of piracy and bootlegging, movie sales continue to skyrocket with blockbusters such as Avatar, going to the movies has become an experience. 
One of the most versatile tools related to the movie industry is IMDB, an acronym for Internet Movie Database. This website is favorited both on my phone, and on my PC browser and often serves as the source of solution for many arguments in my house. If you need a fact about a movie, actor, producer, soundtrack, it is all there. IMDB is by far, the most encompassing movie website, and I am not being promotional, just truthful. 
Today it was announced that announced a multi-year agreement to exclusively provide online movie ticketing for IMDb. As I stated before IMDb has very heavy traffic and will be a good source of exposure for is a joint venture between AMC Entertainment, National Amusements, Cineplex Entertainment, Marcus Theaters, Time Warner, and Hollywood Media Corp. HOLL is featured in our Nano Cap index
and is currently trading at $1.10. 



The company reported on May 17th that revenue had increased 9% but losses had grown to $.02 cents a share or $584,040 from $91,853 a year earlier. The problem here is lack of margins and revenue traction. With this joint venture involving HOLL may be able to increase their revenue streams. The summer is one of the best times for movies and could easily be a turning point for any company industry if capitalized on correctly.

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