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$1 Million Perpetual Income Portfolio Q1 Trading Activity

The $1 Million Perpetual Income Portfolio, as well as the $1 Million Perpetual Income Portfolio: ETF Edition, are referred to as the REVCO Perpetual Income Fund and the REVCO ETF Growth & Income Fund, respectively.

Regarding trading activity, all trades will be recorded within one quarter or less, with exact trading information posted upon on a bi-annual portfolio update.

Q1 Trading Update:

The REVCO Perpetual Income Fund closed the position of Vanguard Metals & Mining Fund (MUTF:VGPMX) and opened a new position of a similar size in Ensco PLC (NYSE:ESV). The trade was recorded on the last day of trading in Q1 2014 (March 31, 2014) and will be priced with the Q1 closing value of ESV shares ($52.78) and VGPMX fund shares ($11.08).

No other trades were recorded with this portfolio in Q1 2014.

The REVCO ETF Growth & Income Fund did not record any trades in Q1 2014.

Q2 Trading Update:

Q2 2014 trading activity, if applicable, will be recorded on the last day of trading in Q2 2014 (June 30, 2014), at Q2 closing fund/stock pricing and available in the mid-year REVCO fund portfolio updates.

2014 Mid-Year Fund Updates:

For those interested in the REVCO mid-year fund updates, these will become available within 30 days of the close of Q2 2014.