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There is ONLY One Way OUT = QE2/TARP 2 will be a Trillion+ to Buy Mortgages!

|Includes:AGQ, PHYS, SGOL, SLV, ProShares Ultra Semiconductors ETF (USD)

The Paper Ponzi Scheme will continue to live on through QE2 Buying ALL the MBS that they can. The Bank's mortgages must be saved for the Ponzi Scheme to Continue. America needs to Realize that it has ALL been a LIE and take their Country BACK from the THIEVES that have taken us all hostage and made us into slaves.

Once again Gonzalo Lira puts it in layman's terms for all of us to understand.

In these times everyone must hold some REAL Insurance and PHYSICAL Gold & Silver is the ONLY WAY!

Good Luck & God Bless...

Disclosure: Hard Assets ONLY aka PHYSICAL!