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When those who set the RULES are allowed to make the Bets, what does that make the Market's?

|Includes:BAC, GLD, GS, JPM, PHYS, PSLV, SLV, ProShares Ultra Semiconductors ETF (USD), WFC

When those who set the RULES and are allowed to make the Bet's "Silver" or cover for those who are making the Bet's makes no Market worth recognizing to be a Market in the 1st place.

But that is EXACTLY what has became the Norm in the so called US of A & Wall Street.

The article above spells it out quite well. And I can PROMISE YOU that there will NEVER be any Investigation by the CFTC for the Bank's "JP Morgan being at the top of the list" and the Market Riggers are in FULL Control of what is left of the US Markets and our so-called Leaders we have today.

How much in YOUR FACE does it need to get before the system COLLAPSES.

I have a daily phrase I use.....

It's a GREAT Day in America when I can trade worthless Paper for REAL SHIT!

I hope the Dream never ends for I don't care for real life NIGHTMARES for I know that will be the end result/reality we get to look forward too!