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Why ALL the HACK Jobs on Dendreon's New Cancer Drug

|Includes:Dendreon Corporation (DNDN)

In this world we have today it ALL seems to be about Money, Greed & Power. It does not matter if it is our very own Government and those who control what is put forward to the masses. Either it be the FDA, SEC or much of the media we have today. It ALL seems to be about one's own personal gain without regard for humanity.


The real shame is there are many who are suffering and losing their lives just so those who are selfish and self serving can make their ill gotten gains on those who have NO one to stand up for them. For those who can have also been captured by those who are self serving. The Time is NOW for America and it's People to have their VOICE heard. The Corruption and Evil that has overcome what use to be Good needs to end and end NOW. For just one day it may be YOUR life on the line.


The New Cancer vaccine that was the "Stand out" at the AUA on April 28th was a Blockbuster in the way ALL cancers can be treated in the very near future. Those who already know the story behind the Company known as Dendreon Corp and their drug Provenge are well aware of just how captured this Country really is by Special Interest. The REAL story should be why is there are so many that DON'T want this great new discovery making it to those that need it NOW! In the meantime many will lose their lives each and everyday so those who can make a difference can pocket their blood tainted money. Is this where this once great Country has come? We are at a crossroads on where we as a Country will soon be and the choice is yours on where we as a Nation will find ourselves in the end. And for what I have wittnessed I can honestly say it scares the hell out of me. What about you? Are People's lives more important than Money, Greed and Power? Should we realize that this was once great Country and no longer able to do what is right, and the road to distruction is the only choice we have left going forward? I for one would love to be proven wrong, for my wish is for my children and grandchildren to have the same opporunity I once had.



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