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A Grandfather who only wish is to give his children and grandchildren the same chance as he once had. And to Protect my wealth by holding PHYSICAL Gold & Silver and every REAL commodity. You can keep those electronic digits and green paper.
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America = Trading Worthless Paper for REAL Shit!
My book:
Patriots by Wesley Rawles
  • When will the FIAT Fairies call it Quits? 35 comments
    Jul 29, 2010 8:44 PM
     Seems any channel you watch these days it is all the same. Everything is fine while the Government prints Trillions of Dollars just to keep the Country afloat. The FIAT Fairies must be working overtime in Spreading his/her Fairy Dust for the Paper Ponzi System seems to work everyday. For I am still able to take Paper with ink on it and trade it for Real Shit. I am now waiting for the Markets to announce a new ETF for Fairy Dust and have none other than Goldman Sachs as it Custodian for they are the best at doing Gods work.

     I thought I was pretty good at math growing up but after seeing how the US Financial Markets operate I feel as though I am a Genius and the rest of America is living in Lollipop Land. And I know I am not that smart or am I?

      It was very refreshing this morning while watching Bloomberg when Bart Chilton of the CFTC was interviewed. Since the new Fin-Reg Bill has been signed Mr. Chilton says that the CFTC will have the 600+ Trillion in derivatives Regulated within a year. And will have the Precious Metals Markets completed in 173 days or LESS. I must say I liked what I heard but I am doubtful of a successful outcome.

    Hear for yourself straight from Bloomberg.

     For if done right I just can't see how the dollar can survive. On March 25th of this year the CFTC had a hearing to where the LBMA admitted to having 100X more paper Gold and Silver vs the PHYSICAL. While AIG on their latest filing showed to have 428 Billion of paper Gold and Silver derivatives still on their books which the Tax Payers are still on the hook far. Then we have the ETF "GLD" who's Custodian is HSBC which is housed in London and also has the Largest Short Position in Gold. We then have the ETF "SLV" who's Custodian is JP Morgan Chase which is also housed in London and also has the Largest Short Position in Silver. Do we have a pattern here? Where there is smoke there is FIRE! But don't worry the US Government has 8133.5 Metric Tonnes of Gold in Fort Knox. But wait, there has been no audit of that Gold since 1953. I am sure it is there, aren't you?

     I recall in 2004 when Chris Cox was Head of the SEC when the Investment Banks came and asked if they would be able to increase their leverage from 15:1 up to 30:1. We all know it was approved and some even took it upon themselves and went as high as 60:1. To make matters worse I was a staunch advocate against Naked Short Selling and fought the SEC against the Counterfeiting of Stock but to no avail. For IF there could ever be an audit of the DTCC and the SEC I would be willing to bet that for each authorized share of stock in the market there are just as many Counterfeit shares. Even US Treasuries have been Counterfeited to the tune of 2 + ? Trillion Dollars.

      This is what Wall Street refers to as liquidity. And here I thought there would be more transparency with our new President.

     This September Social Security crosses over to the RED 4 years earlier than first thought. Now add that to all the other entitlements and we have over 100 Trillion of unfunded Liabilities. So when it comes to the National Debt of just 13+ Trillion it does not appear as such a Big number. But wait, I forgot about Freddie and Fannie which is another 6-7 Trillion sitting on the FED's Balance sheet. But whats 6-7 Trillion among Friends? So Twenty Trillion who counting anyway? I am still able to go out each day and trade paper with ink on it for REAL SHIT without getting any Fairy Dust on me at ALL!

     And for those who wish to understand just how our Banking System works which is Brilliantly explained by Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC which could be the most important video in safe guarding what future we may or may not have left. Please click on the link below & ENJOY some Real World news!

    Gold & Silver Offically became a Currency August 13th 2010 will this be one of many nails in the coffin of the US Dollar.

     I for one want to thank the Captured Media (With the exception of Dylan Ratigan.) we have today which has enabled me to protect my family and I for what the future holds by keeping the Dream alive long enough for me to convert my paper assets over to REAL Hard assets before the rest of the world realizes they are in CHECKMATE. And for those who think Gold is a Bubble I would love to know how much you are being paid to spew your babble? No one can be that ignorant or can they?

    America = Trading worthless paper for real shit. Financial Terrorism at its finest where no one is held accountable or responsible for their crimes. What a Country. Al-Qaeda has already won the WAR, America just does not realize it YET!


    Disclosure: Long PHYSICAL Gold/Silver, my Roth only holds PHYS

    Disclosure: Hard assets such as a Farm, Guns, ammo, alternative energy, food, water, gas, diesel, greenhouse and anything that has REAL value.
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  • Quixotica
    , contributor
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    Great commentary USisCorrupt. I just may change my handle to CANADAisCorrupt!
    4 Aug 2010, 08:46 AM Reply Like
  • Chrisfs
    , contributor
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    If as you say your "only wish is to give his children and grandchildren the same chance as he once had."
    Then you better hope that we don't go back to the gold standard, or that the ratio doesn't go down. Otherwise there literally won't be enough money for them to buy things. If you want your grandchildren to have a good life, there's things that need to be done. Health care reform needed to happen, jobs in new industries need to be hear and we need to have decent sources of energy that don't cause global problems. All these things are going to cost money and run-away spending on two wars and a tax cuts for the upper echleons doesn't make them any cheaper. Since the last Admin decided to tank the economy, we are left with borrowing to get these things done in the near term. Sometimes, you need to buy a car loan even though you don't have a job to pay for it , or you won't have a way to get to a job. This country is in the same way right now. People lamenting about the debt aren't seeing too far down the road.


    I don't see a heavily armed subsistence farm as an improvement in life quality for anyone.


    If you don't trust equities, bonds, currency or anything but physical gold (and yet have enough faith in the system to have a Roth???), then it's boggles the mind, why you are even actively visiting an investment site. If you think the system is corrupt? why are looking for advice on how to play it? it would be like asking a 3 card monty shark, what the rules of the game are.
    4 Aug 2010, 11:51 AM Reply Like
  • USisCorrupt
    , contributor
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    Author’s reply » Asking for advice?


    Not me. I just entertain myself by reading those who DREAM that this style of life will continue. What has been created will and MUST be reset for ANY future of a decent life to take place.


    America can not continue living off of everyones else's labor and productivity. if If America refuses to change their ways they will be forced too do so far the Rest of the World will no longer accept America's number # 1 export, the US dollar.


    The US ONLY makes up 4% of the World population.


    The US consumes 40% of the World GDP.


    Of that 40% they MUST import 45% to live.


    The Rest of the World does NOT need America, but America DOES need the Rest of the World.
    4 Aug 2010, 01:47 PM Reply Like
  • Zmartmoney
    , contributor
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    Why doesn't anyone, anywhere admit that there is a strong correlation between the Democrats taking over the Congress in 2007 and the resulting steep climb in spending and deficits? Oh yeah, sure, it's all Bush's money pit. Well, he had a LOT of help from the Libs in Congress (including BHO) and they all have amnesia about it. I'm not a Bush fan, but I would like to see a little intellectual honesty sometime this year.
    4 Aug 2010, 05:26 PM Reply Like
  • USisCorrupt
    , contributor
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    Author’s reply » In all actuality the spending started August 15th 1971 when Nixon took us off the Gold Standard.


    Both Parties can share the blame equally. Dem's however let a few crumbs fall down to the poor and middle class while the Republicans take care of the upper 3% with fewer crumbs falling.
    4 Aug 2010, 06:05 PM Reply Like
  • tmosley
    , contributor
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    "literally not enough money"


    Are you high? You think you can print wealth? You can't. If gold become too expensive, you will simply transact with smaller amounts of it. Over the course of the gold standard (the REAL gold standard, not the gold exchange standard BS), America experienced consistent deflation, which allowed people to save money, allowing society to use their labor inputs to create goods more efficiently, rewarding savers with greater purchasing power at a later date. It was under a golds standard that we went from a rural backwater to the world's preeminent superpower.


    Socialists (on both sides of the aisle) are like mystics. They seem to think that you can plant money in the ground and goods will spring up. As such, they always want more money, and they print it like demented copiers. They don't understand that they are merely diluting societies REAL capital, the labors of the people, and misallocating them by giving printed money to non-productive institutions, like governments.


    5 Aug 2010, 11:18 AM Reply Like
  • USisCorrupt
    , contributor
    Comments (992) | Send Message
    Author’s reply » Am I high? No, but at times I wish I were for it would make it much more bearable to put up with this nonsense we have going on everyday in the US and the World for that matter.


    No argument from me on your view at all.
    5 Aug 2010, 11:27 AM Reply Like
  • roddie
    , contributor
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    I think the problems in the economy transcend democrate or republican.
    7 Aug 2010, 01:58 AM Reply Like
  • tmosley
    , contributor
    Comments (363) | Send Message
    FYI, I was responding to Chrisfs. I can't say that I disagree with anything you have said in your article, or in the comments.
    9 Aug 2010, 12:35 PM Reply Like
  • paxjds
    , contributor
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    The spending getting out of hand started with LBJ and massive deficit spending for Vietnam and his Great Society Welfare program that is still with us today.
    18 Aug 2010, 10:41 PM Reply Like
  • USisCorrupt
    , contributor
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    Author’s reply » pax


    You are correct that the spending by LBJ for the war caused Nixon to drop the Gold standard because of the increased money supply injected into the system went to the reserves of all Countries. And when France decided to cash in their reserves for Gold, Nixon realized that it was the just the start and could not let the US Gold supply drop any further from the 22,000 metric tonnes we had in 1934 to the 8133.5 when the plug was pulled. The real question now is if there actually is any Gold at all since there has been no audit since 1953.
    19 Aug 2010, 03:25 AM Reply Like
  • Quixotica
    , contributor
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    Blaming the Dems or the Reps imho is like blaming the white cat or the black cat for shredding the couch. In the end we can at least say the cat did it! :)
    25 Aug 2010, 11:42 AM Reply Like
  • Ricardo Espinosa
    , contributor
    Comments (459) | Send Message
    Democrats, Republicans, they´re all the same, don´t play the politics game, it´s all bullshit, divide and conquer, sounds familiar? well it seems to be working for politics, races, social stratification, countries, etc...
    11 Nov 2010, 02:03 PM Reply Like
    , contributor
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    Thanks for the Dylan's video.
    The poor American sheep was told very young that he needs a house (and a mortgage).
    For sure, your gvt doesn't want you to suddenly fly away with your gold. They want you to be on the hook with monthly payments.
    As you once told us, their day will come.
    And I have 357 good reasons why they better forget seize
    my wealth.
    5 Aug 2010, 03:11 PM Reply Like
  • Jeb Handwerger
    , contributor
    Comments (640) | Send Message
    Thanks for the should take a look at my call on july 28th

    12 Aug 2010, 06:57 PM Reply Like
  • Chrisfs
    , contributor
    Comments (244) | Send Message
    There's a vast difference between something hitting a support line and prophecies of doom and currency collapse.
    13 Aug 2010, 02:48 PM Reply Like
  • USisCorrupt
    , contributor
    Comments (992) | Send Message
    Author’s reply » You are so correct, and until you can understand what is at play you will never be able to truly understand what is now playing out in the world today. Keep listening to the captured media for they will lead you to the promised land.
    14 Aug 2010, 05:18 AM Reply Like
  • Chrisfs
    , contributor
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    As I said in the beginning, let's hope your apocalyptic ideas do not come true. A true gold standard would be a disastrous step back for everyone. At the end of 2009, the World Gold Council estimated that 5.28 billion ounces of gold had been mined over all time. At $1000/oz (to make it simple) you get a value of $5.28 trillion dollars worth. If every piece of currency as to be backed by gold, then that is the ceiling of the amount of money that can be present in the world. The GDP (all good and services) in the US alone in 2009 was $14 trillion. That doesn't count imports. So if you required every dollar to be backed by it's value in gold, there would be devastation, as I said before, people (not just the govt) could not buy half of what they buy right now. There simply wouldn't be enough gold to back it. If you want to see starvation, war and fighting over resource, the fastest way to do that would be to go to a true gold standard.
    I can't see how that would help anyone.

    19 Aug 2010, 05:35 PM Reply Like
  • USisCorrupt
    , contributor
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    Author’s reply » How's $100,000 oz ? Problem solved, it is sure better than a currency being backed by a printing press that can never be repaid. The current system can not continue in its current form and will collapse in due time anyway if nothing is done. I think it is a great day in America any day I can go out and trade the US Dollar for real shit. Now if I were a business owner I would be hard pressed in accepting the US Dollar for anything, but I must in the way of mortgage payments.. I do thank God everyday for the system we have but realize all Good things do come to an end. Especially in a system that has been propped up for 40 years on manipulation. The numbers do not lie and either way you look at it there will be much pain in the days ahead no matter which road is taken. Being able to see what is coming and preparing as well as you can with the information available is all we can do, but doing nothing and refusing to act as if the problem is not there will be much harder to bear when the time does arrive. And I promise you that time will come. Enjoy the good times while you can. You do realize we are still in good times, right?


    May I suggest the book called "Patriots" by Wesley Rawls.
    & the "Crisis Preparedness Handbook" by Jack Sprigerlli, I may not have the Author's name spelled correctly. It is a book that could save ones life.
    19 Aug 2010, 06:19 PM Reply Like
  • Chrisfs
    , contributor
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    There is no 'How about $100,000/oz'
    If you change the number of dollars that an oz of gold can back, then you aren't following a gold standard. You have a fiat currency like the one we have right now that you are complaining about. If a dollar is back by 1/1000 of an oz today and 1/100,000 oz tomorrow, it's not a gold standard, it's just paper money whose value fluctuates, just like it does now.


    You own a house and pay a mortgage, that mortgage when it started was likely well over what you made in a year or even 5 years. That's huge amount of debt. Were you hopelessly in debt? Was it certain that you would inevitably default on that? Were desperately hard times sure to come for you? If you scoff at that, then why do you insist it to be true at a macroeconomic level.


    And if dollars are worthless, you should be jumping for joy at the opportunity to pay for something of value, a house, with worthless paper money, rather than saying you "must" pay it in paper money.
    Given the choice, would you rather pay your mortgage in paper money or in a certain number of ozs of gold ?
    19 Aug 2010, 07:12 PM Reply Like
  • USisCorrupt
    , contributor
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    Author’s reply » Complaining? Not me. Stating a fact in reference to a Scam/Ponzi Scheme, yes. But also looking to capitalize on what is to pass the best I can, yes. The system worked fine until August 15, 1971 but Greed got in the way. It actually started going south well before that for the gold supply went from 22000 metric tonnes down to 8133.5 metric tonnes if that? "no audit since 1953". I am NOT a believer of a fractional reserve banking scam, which only makes the people a slave to the system. You seem to think that the rest of the world should fine with whatever the US wants to shovel down their throats as long as the US gets its way. I would much rather purchase a house/farm in the true value of Gold after the Manipulation which dates back to December 23rd 1913 is washed out of the system and the true un-manipulated price is exposed whatever that may be since the Dollar would then be exposed for what it is. A piece of paper/cotton which then no amount of dollars could buy an ounce of Gold or much less anything else. And yes anytime anything of value is diluted it becomes worth less. Which pertains to any asset that has value. A piece of paper backed by NOTHING with a 1, 5, 10, 20, 100 on it when it is only churned out of a printing press with nothing backing it will only be worth the value of that paper. You still have confidence in that paper as having some value. I on the other hand look at that piece of paper as just paper/cotton for I have lost confidence in the system and no longer believe in the Fairy Dust that it is sprinkled with. That is why I hold Physical Metal's with the least amount of exposure to the US dollar for I know its fate will be like many other fiat currencies that came before the dollar. The same is now with all the other Creditor Countries around the world that trade with the US, for they are sick and tired of the US being able to trade paper/cotton for their labor and productivity which has and will loose all it so called value over time. The Americans will be the last to understand for they are still believing in the dream not realizing the rest of the world is only to happy to exit their Nightmare.


    As I stated in an earlier post.


    The US makes up just 4% of the world population.


    The US consumes 40% of the world GDP.


    Of that 40% the US MUST import 45% of what they consume.


    The Rest of the World DOES NOT need America, but America DOES need the Rest of the World.


    Who do you think will be calling the shots in the very near future?


    I think it is best that we agree to disagree and let time give the answer as to who is right/more right.
    19 Aug 2010, 11:36 PM Reply Like
  • mcbowler
    , contributor
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    I actually hope for hyper inflation. It might be better than hyper deflation. Now that the banks have printed themselves enough paper money to buy the world.. why would I want them to suddenly change tactics and reduce the amount of currency like they did in the great depression? The way I see it is, the more they devalue the money, the worse it is for them in the long run. I think they know that.


    There are a couple ways to get to a gold standard and I am curious what you think is the best method.


    The biggest success of the federal reserve was causing the great depression. It wiped out all wealth except for themselves.
    30 Aug 2010, 05:41 PM Reply Like
  • Zmartmoney
    , contributor
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    You completely missed the point. Dollars are the float. Gold is the standard. If you have a gazillion dollars in circulation, but they're worth half of that, then that's what they're worth. If you remove half of them from circulation, then the dollar/gold value changes to reflect that removal. The real point is that fiat currencies always end up being controlled by nefarious political types to accrue power and wealth at the expense of the republic. We're just seeing it again. This is obviously not something new, folks.
    31 Aug 2010, 09:00 AM Reply Like
  • ThirtyNineWinks
    , contributor
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    @Chrisfs -- You're slightly off. GDP = MoneySupply X Velocity


    If every dollar changes hands 10 times a year, you can have a $14 T GDP with only $1.4 T dollars.


    Yes, the price of gold would have to be higher. That would suit me fine, because I own some. It wouldn't suit the vast majority that have paper and no gold.
    15 Sep 2010, 02:20 PM Reply Like
  • Chrisfs
    , contributor
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    I just keep coming back to statements that you make that don't make sense to me. It seems you're mad about something.


    Why is the US any more corrupt than every other nation in the world?
    There are no nations on the gold standard. The British pound, Euro, Yen, Ruble, Rupee,Peso, are all fiat currencies. If you don't like fiat currency, every country is corrupt. Even the Swiss franc stopped being backed by 100% gold in 2000.


    If the US consumes 40% of the worlds GDP, then the world does indeed need the US. If the US stops consuming, then 40% of the GDP needs to find a new buyer, and losing a customer that used to buy 40% of everything you made is going to throw any business into a tail spin. Everyone needs everyone else.
    While it's not a perfect world and wealth distribution is far from perfect, restricting the economy to how much of a shiny metal people have, is not going to solve those problems or make life better for anyone.
    20 Aug 2010, 03:48 AM Reply Like
  • USisCorrupt
    , contributor
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    Author’s reply » The other Countries are learning very quickly to be consumers and self sustaining to where those numbers have been changing and will continue to change. And for the rest of your comment please reread the above post. And have a great future.
    20 Aug 2010, 06:00 AM Reply Like
  • Chrisfs
    , contributor
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    One final thought
    " The other Countries are learning very quickly to be consumers and self sustaining to where those numbers have been changing and will continue to change."
    It may be true, but it doesn't matter. You're just exchanging one fiat currency for another. If your statements that unbacked currency is manipulated and that fractional banking is a scam are correct, then you have already doomed those other countries, they will never be able to consume the same amount because, according to you yourself, the creation of that much money without a backing is unsustainable. Backing all that currency with gold is impossible.
    If the other countries can work their way up to using that GDP, then your theory on fractional banking and gold is blown, if they can't then the whole world has a huge problem, either way it doesn't seem good for you.


    I wish you a better life than you predict for yourself or the world.


    and if you ever want to get rid of all that worthless paper you have, you know where to reach me.
    20 Aug 2010, 01:02 PM Reply Like
  • USisCorrupt
    , contributor
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    Author’s reply » One final thought back.


    You fail to realize that not all Countries carry debt or the amount of debt and can EASILY sustain a Growing economy "ie:the BRIC's" that can grow within or with each other. And you fail to realize the only way out of the last Depression was by going on the Gold Standard. And as much as you disagree the ONLY way out of this Depression is going back on the Gold Standard even if Gold needs to be priced at $100,000 in the US. And yes we are in a Depression here in the US.
    23 Aug 2010, 11:15 AM Reply Like
  • infosage
    , contributor
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    That was an amazing video. They name a generic congress, Greenspan, Bush and talk about 2000-2006. Even when discussing the bad new legislation, they can't name a single Democrat to blame? Was Greenspan the same evil guy that helped Clinton's economic expansion? MSNBC is worthless DNC propoganda and intellectually dishonest.


    Pelosi, Reid, Frank and even Obama came to DC (with power over the nation purse strings) in the 2006 election and NOT January 2009. The deficit handed to President Obama was voted for by Senator Obama and the Democrat majority. They currently have an almost bullet proof majority and have passed every major piece of legislation they wanted the past couple years (stimulus, healthcare, financial reform, etc.) with the possible exceptions of Cap-n-Trade and Amnesty. I'm not sure how the last two would help us ecomonically.


    Many fiscally responsible people that cared about our economy, our troops, our personal liberties, and the national debt voted for Obama. They were completely fooled because "news" organizations didn't do there homework. They saw a handsome, articulate black man with a "D" after his name and fell in unconditional love. No questions asked.


    Obama has 50K troops in Iraq (just renamed them "non-combat" before the fall elections), more troops than Bush in Afganistan, made the Patriot Act permanent, tripled the Bush deficits, made the unfunded Prescription Drug Act look small and cheap with his healthcare bill, and has ran this country the rest of the way into the ground. All we really got from him was occassional pictures of him on one of his many vacations, dinners or golf games. Oh, I forgot the Bush bashing, and speeches telling us common folk to be responsible.


    We wanted Bush out and fired the Republicans for very good reasons. Unfortunately, Obama just took over for Bush, pushed on the accelerator and personally "continued the failed policies of the past".


    Whether you blame Republicans or Democrats, you're half right.
    24 Aug 2010, 02:11 AM Reply Like
  • Frugal Joe
    , contributor
    Comments (78) | Send Message
    good article.
    25 Aug 2010, 10:07 PM Reply Like
  • toño
    , contributor
    Comments (11) | Send Message
    I find the debate over gold and fiat money very comical. On one side you have the gold bugs who proclaim that gold is "real" and fiat money is not. On the other side, one predominately underrepresented and so I will attempt to add their side to this debate, you have the FX traders who have no concept of what is real or not as a store of value. Gold, like paper, is worth only that value which you place on it. People require common currency as much as physicists require the common measurements of length, mass and time. There is a difference between currency and fiat money in that currency can be either gold or fiat money. It is a flow of exchange, not the medium. So why gold or fiat money instead of another commodity like land or even food? Everything is relative when you talk about storing your wealth in a medium (whether material or not). In the FX world demand is a lot quicker to respond to changes in supply (e.g. quantitative easing) or demand (e.g. trade imbalance) factors because the very nature of fiat money and FX markets make it incredibly liquid. In gold we see that its recent surge in demand is driven primarily by fear and not sound judgement. Reason would have it that gold is not as liquid as fiat money and much more difficult to quickly alter its supply. In light of this it faces price fluctuations and changes in perceived volatility greater than that in the FX markets. Why? Because fiat money responds quicker to information and in a systematic way. It is so fast to adjust that it is very difficult to catch other traders sleeping at their desk. The gold bugs are awash with emotion and their judgement is clouded for they always seem to forget that gold, like anything else including fiat money, is a commodity. They are synonymous and the mere notions of liquidity and variance are reason enough to not worry about fiat money or the effects of its depreciation. Everyone knows that stationary money devalues which ensures it moves (velocity of money). In this gold differs, but play your cards right (ensure alpha greater than appreciation or depreciation of gold to fiat money - both have regularly happened in history) and you start to realize how inflexible gold really is.


    I sure would like to see some numbers compare velocity of gold with those of other commodities adjusting for increases/decreasing in tradable supply. This might reveal whether people are starting to treat gold like a savings vehicle or just a temporary alternative to fiat money.
    22 Sep 2010, 06:25 PM Reply Like
  • USisCorrupt
    , contributor
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    Author’s reply » FIAT Money is what makes the People Slaves to the Banks and will in time take everything away from the people and transferred to the banks.


    The problem however lies in the Fractional Reserve Banking to where the Debt that can be produced out of thin air and can become 100X's Larger than the Physical supply to where the system implodes for there can never be a way for the debt to be paid back. It is also known as the M2 money supply which has been contracting now for some time. We are on the downward spiral now to where there is no stopping what will be the final outcome.


    Got Gold & Silver?


    Along with every other commodity that will help you live out your life.


    Or you can believe that YOUR Leaders will take care of you, for their track record has been spotless until now, RIGHT?
    8 Oct 2010, 07:18 AM Reply Like
  • richardcavessa
    , contributor
    Comments (259) | Send Message
    Usis: at first glance they look like the ramblings of a madman, but you sure spooked the cattle, and you stay on top of every comment....first saw the post at yahoo, but seeking saw fit not to expose me to your treachery....good topic, good reactions.


    18 Oct 2010, 12:17 PM Reply Like
  • USisCorrupt
    , contributor
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    Author’s reply » Richard I am glad to know that you do not think of me as a madman. We already have more than we need in Washington today. My goal is to rid the Country of the madmen that have taken us all hostage.
    19 Oct 2010, 05:33 AM Reply Like
  • jfdiaque
    , contributor
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    Great article, while I am very inclined to agree with you, I pray that you are wrong, the US has reached its position of consumption and dominance thanks to its innovative and productive society, I immigrated here and would rather be middle class, or poor for that matter in the US than rich in my home country. Our system has brought about airplanes, tv's computers & iphones. It has unleashed the potential of great people such as Mr. Gates and Mr. Jobs (to name a few), who are true capitalists. In other countries they have Slim, Ambani & Mittall (not true capitalists, but inherited rich kids or politically connected criminals) The dollar has value because most people in 3rd world countries would rather have greenback's than their worthless currency. For example the Mexican peso is doing well now but wasn't it just 12 years ago that they shaved three zeroes of their currency? You are wrong concerning 1 thing, the US is not corrupt, it is VERY corrupt, but I think we still lag behind the developing countries by a long shot, where you really cant get anything done without a bribe, there really is no upward mobility unless you are related to a government official. (I am a true example of upward mobility in America my first year here I made 19k) and only 8 short years later I have the privilege of belonging to the upper middle class despite Bush & Obama. That could never happen where I came from, not a shot in hell.
    I dont disagree with you, I just believe that the US can change, look at the latest Straw poll, Ron Paul came out ahead, we the people still means something to me, and it can only happen in the US. I am hedged to an extent, probably not as much as you, I do have physical PM's, guns & land. But I pray it never gets that bad.
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