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When will the FIAT Fairies call it Quits?

 Seems any channel you watch these days it is all the same. Everything is fine while the Government prints Trillions of Dollars just to keep the Country afloat. The FIAT Fairies must be working overtime in Spreading his/her Fairy Dust for the Paper Ponzi System seems to work everyday. For I am still able to take Paper with ink on it and trade it for Real Shit. I am now waiting for the Markets to announce a new ETF for Fairy Dust and have none other than Goldman Sachs as it Custodian for they are the best at doing Gods work.

 I thought I was pretty good at math growing up but after seeing how the US Financial Markets operate I feel as though I am a Genius and the rest of America is living in Lollipop Land. And I know I am not that smart or am I?

  It was very refreshing this morning while watching Bloomberg when Bart Chilton of the CFTC was interviewed. Since the new Fin-Reg Bill has been signed Mr. Chilton says that the CFTC will have the 600+ Trillion in derivatives Regulated within a year. And will have the Precious Metals Markets completed in 173 days or LESS. I must say I liked what I heard but I am doubtful of a successful outcome.

Hear for yourself straight from Bloomberg.

 For if done right I just can't see how the dollar can survive. On March 25th of this year the CFTC had a hearing to where the LBMA admitted to having 100X more paper Gold and Silver vs the PHYSICAL. While AIG on their latest filing showed to have 428 Billion of paper Gold and Silver derivatives still on their books which the Tax Payers are still on the hook far. Then we have the ETF "GLD" who's Custodian is HSBC which is housed in London and also has the Largest Short Position in Gold. We then have the ETF "SLV" who's Custodian is JP Morgan Chase which is also housed in London and also has the Largest Short Position in Silver. Do we have a pattern here? Where there is smoke there is FIRE! But don't worry the US Government has 8133.5 Metric Tonnes of Gold in Fort Knox. But wait, there has been no audit of that Gold since 1953. I am sure it is there, aren't you?

 I recall in 2004 when Chris Cox was Head of the SEC when the Investment Banks came and asked if they would be able to increase their leverage from 15:1 up to 30:1. We all know it was approved and some even took it upon themselves and went as high as 60:1. To make matters worse I was a staunch advocate against Naked Short Selling and fought the SEC against the Counterfeiting of Stock but to no avail. For IF there could ever be an audit of the DTCC and the SEC I would be willing to bet that for each authorized share of stock in the market there are just as many Counterfeit shares. Even US Treasuries have been Counterfeited to the tune of 2 + ? Trillion Dollars.

  This is what Wall Street refers to as liquidity. And here I thought there would be more transparency with our new President.

 This September Social Security crosses over to the RED 4 years earlier than first thought. Now add that to all the other entitlements and we have over 100 Trillion of unfunded Liabilities. So when it comes to the National Debt of just 13+ Trillion it does not appear as such a Big number. But wait, I forgot about Freddie and Fannie which is another 6-7 Trillion sitting on the FED's Balance sheet. But whats 6-7 Trillion among Friends? So Twenty Trillion who counting anyway? I am still able to go out each day and trade paper with ink on it for REAL SHIT without getting any Fairy Dust on me at ALL!

 And for those who wish to understand just how our Banking System works which is Brilliantly explained by Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC which could be the most important video in safe guarding what future we may or may not have left. Please click on the link below & ENJOY some Real World news!

Gold & Silver Offically became a Currency August 13th 2010 will this be one of many nails in the coffin of the US Dollar.

 I for one want to thank the Captured Media (With the exception of Dylan Ratigan.) we have today which has enabled me to protect my family and I for what the future holds by keeping the Dream alive long enough for me to convert my paper assets over to REAL Hard assets before the rest of the world realizes they are in CHECKMATE. And for those who think Gold is a Bubble I would love to know how much you are being paid to spew your babble? No one can be that ignorant or can they?

America = Trading worthless paper for real shit. Financial Terrorism at its finest where no one is held accountable or responsible for their crimes. What a Country. Al-Qaeda has already won the WAR, America just does not realize it YET!


Disclosure: Long PHYSICAL Gold/Silver, my Roth only holds PHYS

Disclosure: Hard assets such as a Farm, Guns, ammo, alternative energy, food, water, gas, diesel, greenhouse and anything that has REAL value.