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Why GOOOH? Restore the Republic and Save our Wealth.

It is the corruption in Washington that is going to destory our country and our wealth. Either we will be taxed to death or our dollar will collaps under the pressure of the printing presses. Our only solution is to remove the offending issue in Washington.  We need to end the corruption in Washington and there is a solution.

Our founding fathers gave us the finest document the governed world has ever seen. The Constitution. They gave us a republic for our government and they set it up to avoid the concentration of power in any one area or in any ones hands.

Initially the Federal senators were appointed by the states to represent the states interests in Washington. They were not elected.

The house of representatives were elected by we the people to represent we the people in Washington. That is why it is only a two year term. To allow we the people to serve.

The executive branch was created to represent the federal governments interests in Washington and we the people elect the president to run it every 4 years.

The states had power, the people had power and the federal government had power. All interests were represented, fairly. There were proper checks and balances.

This kept balance in our government and no single part could become to powerful.

The most powerful portion in our government (this republic handed to us by our founding fathers) was we the people since we controlled the house of representative and we elected the president to lead the Federal government. Finally we also elected our state representatives and state senators who then appointed our senators to the federal government.

The people had control!!!!

When Ben Franklin was asked what government did you give us? He replied: “A Republic if you can keep it.”

What has happened to this perfect republic? WE DIDN'T KEEP IT!!!

Somewhere along the way the progressives initiated a plan to move the power to Washington. It happened gradually over a long period of time.

First they convinced we the people and the states that voting for our senators was in everybody’s best interests and we the people along with the states fell for it. That is where we got the 17th amendment to our constitution. WE now elect our senators and the states lost their voice and their power in Washington and we the people lost 50 powerful ally’s.

Look how corruption has taken over in the senate too!!!

The next thing that happened was we the people quit going to Washington. These special interests made it too costly to run for office and we turned the responsibility to represent US over to the professional politicians. To Washington. Our representatives now serve decades and they serve their party (read that Washington) not the people. The people lost their power and their voice in Washington.

The house of representatives no longer represents 300 million Americans. It now represents only two, YES TWO. The republican and democratic party. NOT YOU!!!

The power in Washington now rests entirely in Washington. And now Washington is out of control and entirely corrupt.

Washington corruption needs to be stopped. If we don’t fix the problem AT THE SOURCE, which is IN Washington all the flag waving, marching, letter campaigns and phone calls will get us no where. Yes we feel better but it will eventually end in just an act of futility. They are ignoring us!!!!

They can continue to ignore us and eventually people get tired and simply go away. NOT ALL, not me, but many.

The corrupt are now stomping on our constitution. The republic is gone and our most sacred document will be the next to go.

I think we can all plainly see that is already beginning to happen.

With a lot of complaining the corrupt might tone it down some, but …..they will come sneaking back as soon as we quit complaining, the crowds disperse and the dust settles.

We have to regain control over Washington. We have to restore our Republic. We have to uphold the constitution.

Remember what Ben Franklin said. “If we can keep it.”

We didn’t keep it and now we need to get it back.

So where do we start?

First we take the house back and put a boot in the backside of Washington.

Control of the house gives us some control over Washington again. We must start there.

Support GOOOH and lets take our country back and save our wealth. Whats left of it.

Disclosure: Long GOOOH