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health care bill run-down

|Includes:AET, AFL, ANTM, CI, UnitedHealth Group Inc. (UNH)

Below is a link to the Senate and House versions of the health care bills.  The House version has already been passed while the Senate version is being voted on today. 

Senate proposed health care bill - 2074 pages!?!?

House proposed health care bill - 1990 pages...

CBO score of the Senate health care bill - only 36 pages (CBO is the Congressional Budget Office)

From looking at the length of these bills, the Congressional members must use some kind of speed reading technique OR ,just saying, maybe they rely on others to tell them what is in these bills.  Either way, I don't see how anyone can read 2000 pages of anything in 2-3 days and fully understand all the implications of the bill therein.  If you're interested here is a link to a summary by the Washington post.  Basically its going to suck if you already have coverage and make too much money or if you own a small to medium size business.  In the near future I will be looking hard at the possibilities of shorting some healthcare insurers because the public option is going to run a lot of them out of business or at least make a nice divot in their current profits. We will see folks.  Get ready for another roller coaster ride when they finally pass a version of this thing.

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