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Microsoft Settles with the EC, Indeed!

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Lovers of nimble Tech plays unite! After over ten years of review and decision, The EC has settled its antitrust disputes with Microsoft regarding the inclusion of Internet Explorer with Windows. Users in Europe when first booting a new system with be greeted with a screen that allows them to choose a default browser from among twelve, including IE, Mozilla’s Firefox, Apple’s Safari, Google’s Chrome and Opera. Note that the respective share of these browsers is now 64%, 25%, 4%, 4% and 2%.
European Commission Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes trumpeted her achievement stating PC purchasers will have “an effective and unbiased choice” between these numerous browsers. This author once again wonders if Ms. Kroes uses a PC or the Internet. Not only are most if not all of these browsers freely down-loadable over the Internet, they are in fact free. Microsoft’s browser share has not only declined, it now trails Mozilla in Germany. On a lighter note: all of this leads me to think upon this Titan of EC Antitrust, ergo, as follows:
Ode to Neelie Kroes
Browsers on my Desktop, how do I count thee?
IE, thy be, first though now forgotten, as
Safari’d I have beyond Mozilla to Chrome.
Still, ever yearning a faster connection,
As Neelie flies the Kroes (not!), in the
Thicket of icons before me,
Ne’er the Opera blows.
(The Musings of Dr. Tech Witty)

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