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Armageddon Meltdown Scenario

SnP500 is still in Spiral Meltdown Mode as of yesterday:



The Fibo Confluence Support Levels from 1228 to 1233 got cut down like butter under a hot knife.  That is how strong the pervassive fear today that almost resulted in another Flash Crash (at least not yet).

The question is:  What is the Armageddon Scenario?


The Armageddon Scenario, or rather the START of an Armageddon Meltdown, must break hard below the April 2010 Major Support of 1220 and never make a significant pullback until a complex 1-2-3-4-5 run down has completed that may or may not go below 1100.

These is what happened in 1976 to 1982 to Dow Jones:


This was SnP500 yesterday on the Monthly Chart:

Snp500 March 2009 to Present rally is practically almost a mirror copy of Dow Jones 1974 to 1976 rally.

This is the True Armageddon Scenario:


Scared to Death Now?

Well, if we do go into Armageddon Meltdown, then the US will almost certainly go into Great Depression Part II. 

After that the next question would be:  Will we suffer World War Part 3 too?

The trailing stops for the YM and NQ Intrepid Trades got stopped out with tiny profits.   The YM futures wavecount did not work as expected.

I bought back the SSO Swing Trade today when SnP500 reached the 1220 support with a mental stop loss below 1202 just in case Spx do go into Armageddon type of meltdown. 

I have now total of 120% longs with SSO swings including the MSFT and Intel swings bought at last June's bottom.  Also bought some AMR today since it failed to go lower low on intraday.  Portfolio is 90% and Swings is 30%.  Will try to reduce medium- and long-term Portfolio holds to 40-60% if we do go into 1-2-3-4-5 Armageddon run down.