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Long Live The Queen

Dow Jones is traditionally the King of Stock Markets. What makes of the broad-based SnP500 = The Queen?

SnP500 is now knocking at the 1371 Double Top Resistance set last May 2nd, 2011:


The daily chart may still have a good chance to break the 1371 Double Top Resistance:


** Feb 28 Additional:

Finding a high-confidence wavecount on the daily and intraday squigles on the major indexes cash markets is extremely hard. However, there are some charts that provide better guidance:



XLF daily chart provides a good read but the 3rd failed to become extended by a hairline or two - hence making a target for the 5th a guessing game.

The ES 24-hr 240-min chart provided a good read of the most recent A-B-C run. A textbook EW A-B-C that does not happen so often in the real world.

That makes the following Armageddon Scenario of last year highly unlikely to happen:


The multi-decade Secular Bull Market Scenario is starting to gain ground:


The case for bears, however, cannot be discounted since there are still several ways the short-term bullish count can turn into a medium-term bearish count (mainly a small A-B-C corrective rally from the Oct 2011 low which should result in a big vertical C-wave meltdown that may or may not break below the Oct 2011 intermediate bottom).

I sold 1/4 SSO (bought at the Aug/Oct bottoms) and 1/3 FAS Swing Trade positions at 5-8 points below the SnP500 1371 Double Top Resistance in order to insure the sell orders will catch the bid(s).

Also sold half of AAPL Trend Trade (bought at the $380+ levels near the the $508 1-2-3-4-5 nominal target. Apple, however, is still a 1-2-3 wavecount with the 4th and 5th runs expected to happen before a correction of 10+% could happen. Trading Discipline is always to sell some (if not all) positions at or near target(s). Will keep 20-30% of AAPL positions as possible long-term hold just in case Apple actually goes into a bubble run (doubling or tripling in price almost every year for several years - similar to what MSFT and INTL enjoyed in the 1990's).

Will keep the MSFT and INTL buys of Aug/Oct 2011 as part of long-term Super-Cycle Rally analysis (both companies already went into 10+/- years of Super-Cycle Correction). The RAX long trade of December got stopped out early in the game with small profits before RAX went into a vertical rally.

Total positions is now reduced to 115% (90% portfolio + 25% Swing Trade) from the 135% of last. Trading Strategy is to unwind most (if not all) of the Swing Trade at or near the SnP 1420 Nominal Target then possibly raise 10% cash in preparation for a 10+/-% correction. Then make a new Swing Trade with 1594 as the next intermediate target with 1576 as the Major Multi-Decade Resistance.

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