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Printing And Mailing Company ITi Direct Mail Targets Real Estate Industry With New Service

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Real estate practitioners who are looking for ways to boost their sales can now take advantage of iTi Direct Mail's new direct mail service, iTi Direct Mail officials announced.

In a statement, iTi marketing director Alan Barseghian said professional direct mail marketing campaigns, like the service his company just launched, allow real estate agents to elicit favorable and immediate responses from recipients.

"With our services, real estate direct mail marketing is an affordable, fast, and effective way to get noticed in your listing areas, leading to more leads and opportunities for sales," Barseghian said, according to Broadway World.

"While many agents resort to only email campaigns, implementing a successful real estate direct mail marketing campaign will get you the attention you want right away. You won't have to be concerned like that of your email marketing, where emails get deleted without being read," he added.

Pasadena-based iTi Direct Mail is known for printing professional and corporate mail merged letters with customized envelopes. The company claims their direct mail products are what set them apart from competitors because theirs "do not look like junk mail."

Barseghian also emphasized on the indispensable impact of physical letters, business cards or postcards on potential clients, saying that would-be clients are "more likely to read these materials immediately."

"Real estate direct mail marketing offers you a less competitive, highly interactive method of generating more targeted leads," said Barseghian. "Of course, with more listings under your name, the chances of increasing your revenue through commissions, is significantly higher."

According to the company's web site, iTi Direct Mail is a conventional marketing company focused on creating customized direct mailing campaigns tailored to each client's needs. The company also offers new lead generation services through the dissemination of printed advertising materials and sales letters.

Real estate professionals have long recognized the power of direct mail in fanning consumer interest in a certain real estate product or service.

Email marketing, an online form of direct mail, has been found to be an effective B2B marketing channel and has proven to be a crucial component of multichannel marketing, according to research firm Marketing Sherpa.

Results of a campaign conducted by technology Blue Pillar revealed that direct mail (i.e. email) was able to "stand out and grab the attention of its high-level target audience" despite the presence of communication and gatekeeping barriers that prevent the latter from receiving Blue Pillar marketing materials.

Direct mail has also proven to be efficient in sparking curiosity among consumers in a SunGard case study cited by Marketing Sherpa. The target high-level audience, which includes company presidents and directors, received an email asking them to visit a landing page where they could sign up for a zombie survival kit.

SunGard's use of direct mail in combination with multichannel marketing channels led to a 3 percent CTO (click-to-open) rate among its high-level audience.

Indeed, all manners of email marketing are here to stay, as New York Times columnist David Carr noted in article For Email Newsletters, a Death Greatly Exaggerated. Carr reports that over 10,000 new users everyday are signing up for an account on Mail Chimp, an email platform used by businesses and consumers for sending email blasts to their subscribers.

One online real estate technology company that is capitalizing on email marketing is Florida-based RealBiz Media Group, Inc. (OTCQB: RBIZ). RealBiz Media's Video Microsite Program, in particular, is one technology agents can use to carry out effective email marketing campaigns that they can customize and whose effectiveness they can measure. The enterprise program is targeted at both agents and brokers.

RealBiz Media develops proprietary video marketing software and branded portals for real estate agents. These technologies allow agents to record and publish personalized videos and virtual tours on their professional accounts hosted on RealBiz Media's platforms like and Microvideo App platform.

Since setting up, the company reports that over 350,000 real estate agents have signed up for an account on the site.

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