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Buffalo Couple Duped By Their Out-Of-Town Landlord

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In today's still recovering economy, people are all for making most of their every penny. This is especially true among couples on a property hunt. So when a great bargain presents itself, it is going to be tough to resist.

But great bargains always have a catch, and as the old adage goes, "you get what you pay for." A Buffalo, New York couple learned that lesson the hard way when they moved into their cheap apartment along Seneca Street.

It was every new home owner or apartment renter's nightmare. The apartment, decrepit and devoid of utilities, electricity, gas and water, was impossible to live in.

Unfortunately, Matt Henry and Mariah Tyner, the couple who was promised a newly renovated apartment during their viewing tour, did not have a choice when they showed up at the property with their personal effects.

"It looked like it had already been slowly in the process of being renovated and fixed up, and what not. When we moved in on June 1, it was the exact same way as when we came in and viewed the property," Henry told WIVB News 4.

The bigger problem, however, is that the landlord is nowhere near and cannot be reached. Apparently, he lives in Kuwait.

Common Council member Richard Fontana said that he had already posted a notice in front of the house that it was not suitable for living. In fact, the structure is on the city's demolition list. Despite this, the apartment is still being marketed on Craigslist.

"This is a property that is derelict. It has been a problem for years. Somebody bought it, put a little lipstick on it, and tried to rent it out, and it is really just ripping people off," Fontana said.

According to Fontana, out-of-town investors are "turning into a big problem in Buffalo."

"There is no property registration for it, no landlord licensing for that property. So it is really not legal to be in that property, living in that property at this point," he told WIVB News 4.

Unfortunately, city officials have no power over these investors even if they try. "Fines and penalties often go uncollected," the report said.

Home owners and renters can prevent similar situations by taking extra precaution during their home or apartment search.

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