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Online Trading Using Smartphones & Tablets Reach 76% In Singapore

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Stock market trading via brokerages are being done less as more retail investors adapt to technology for their financial transactions.

In Singapore, online trading using smartphones and tablets accounts to a high 76 percent, while 60 percent of online trading using smartphones and tablets accounts to 60 percent in the U.S.

A study by Investment Trends found that in Australia, the practice is beginning to catch on with a 53 percent rate. Another 13 percent plan to use electronic devices in the next 12 months for their online trading, the study showed.

The study, which had more than 12,000 Aussie respondents, said that in the last 12 months to June 2014, trader numbers using online tools stood constantly at 585,000 Australians who did at least one online share trade,

Aussie online traders named local online broker CommSec as having the most satisfactory mobile trading platform.

When online share trading adoption rate was reckoned relative to adult population, Australia came in second place at 3.4 per cent after Germany's 5.2 per cent. After Sjngapore came the US, UK and Germany.

That is the irony of online trading when linked to age of traders.

On one hand, while young people are generally tech savvy and could easily navigate through mobile platforms, they generally don't have the money to invest in stock market.

On the other hand, while older people have the savings to invest in financial instruments, including stocks, and some even have acquired investment education through experience and lessons learned over the years the hard way, many are not too comfortable using electronic technology to do trade.

The situation then indicates a need for the two generations to impart their knowledge to each other for them to achieve investment success using the tools of modern commerce.

The older investors could ask the younger generation to teach them the ins and outs of stock trading using smartphones and tablets. In turn, the older investors could also share their knowledge of the markets to their grandchildren and even perhaps leave them some amount in their last will and testament to serve as capital for the kids when they are of age to go into stock market investment.

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