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The American Ship of State

The storm analogy is a good one

The vessel is greatly weakened and potentially sinking

Other vessels around the world have lower crew wages and living conditions

They have a competitive advantage ... and the world does not owe Americans a higher standard of living

I recommend the book "Globality" by Sirkin, Hemerling and Bhattacharya, sub-ttiled "Competing with Everyone, from Everywhere, for Everything"

America needs to work out what the world needs ... and trashy entertainment is the least of global needs

Exporting employment generating expertise deserves a serious look

Prosperity everywhere means capacity to buy what America can produce

Too many Americans have never left America and are highly insular in relation to the perceived right of America to an excess share of the world's resources

This Depression is Great, in the sense of being Productively Great, if luxuries and foregone and necessities are encouraged

Depressions purify like a refiner's fire ... and America would do well to export less violence and more peace

There is a major distinction between peace-keeping and infrastructure building on the one hand and conducting a "War on Terror" ... the deaths of courageous young Americans in peace keeping missions will be tragically wasted if the task of exportiing peace is not taken more seriously

This Mission is not only NOT ACCOMPLISHED ... it has barely started

Blessings and Peace

Friar Hilarius