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Market Astrology: 2012 Is A Hoax!

The following is an excerpt from this weeks Astrology Traders newsletter by Karen Starich. Check out Astrology Traders for specific dates and in-depth analysis of future events in the various markets she covers and start profiting from tomorrow’s news today.

The Mayan calendar date December 21, 2012 is a hoax!  The date is December 22, 2011

I have looked for an event in December 2012 and I simply do not see anything that comes close to what I see coming in 2011.   The peak of the conjunction with Neptune to the black hole in space at 28 degrees Aquarius is exact on December 22, 2011.  I have been studying this conjunction since the BP oil spill, in addition to all the effects it is bringing upon the economies of the world and the flow of money.  If it is a tsunami wave everyone is waiting for than I have to say it has already happened on March 11th in Japan, also when Neptune was conjoin the black hole. This is a global event and not just a transit to a particular chart.  The final conjunction could bring an explosion or serious conflict on the border with Mexico.  The conflict is not my concern as much as the effects this conjunction is going to have for the long term on the planet.  I am referring to the flow of the economy, our resources, and the greed of the power  elite.  Unfortunately the people will suffer for being unwary for so many years and allowing the greed and manipulation of the resources and currency.  Neptune acts as Poseidon, God of the sea and destroyer of the destroyers, shattering the illusions of the people until they become enlightened and accept a more humanitarian way.

The Gulf Stream has stopped flowing

Scientific evidence is now pointing to the alarming reality that the BP oil spill may have caused irreparable damage to the Gulf Stream and the loop current.  Real time data from the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate shows evidence that the loop current broke down for the first time on May 18,  2010.  Neptune was conjoining the black hole during the spill and on May 18th, the last day of the conjunction of Neptune to the black hole.  Neptune then began to move retrograde on May 31st and when it again reached the degree of the conjunction on June12, 2010 the situation further deteriorated and the eddy detached completely from the main stream and the loop current.

(View the Gulf Stream images here)  

The gulf stream represents the life blood and flow of warm current to stabilize the weather patterns and produce fertile growing seasons.  There is a correlation here also to the flow of money and the economy.  It is interesting that as I wrote in last weeks update there are downshifts and setbacks coming in the month of November for the economy and business just as we are approaching the conjunction of Neptune again to the black hole in space.  It is as if everything is stopping.

On December 22, 2011 there will be another exact conjunction of Neptune to the black hole.  The final conjunction and pinnacle date is January 24, 2012 marking the last time we will see this conjunction for 165 years.  On January 24th the planet Uranus (surprising events) will conjoin the asteroid Ceres (the harvest and grain) at 1 degree Aries (the Aries axis of war and world power) on the same day as the peak transit of Neptune.  It is possible that the Gulf Stream will completely stop on this day as the karma and inhumanity of the governments of the world who could bring upon the people a war, an explosion, a terrorist attack as a diversion to the insolvency of the banks.  I should note that in 1930 Uranus transited Aries and made a square to Ceres in Cancer (security and food) when the the Dust Bowl years began.  It was June 1930, the year an extended drought began calling in the Dirty Thirties and the Dust Bowl decade.  Millions of people suffered starvation.

Purchase extra food and supplies and be prepared where you live in case of any disruption in food supplies or transportation.  The effects of this change in the Gulf could last years.