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Financial Astrology: Strategies Of The Power Elite

|Includes:Facebook (FB), GS, JPM

By Karen Starich

Over the weekend Uranus and Pluto made the first of seven exact squares that will carry all the way into 2015. This aspect is very revolutionary and the last time it occurred was during the Great Depression. The aspect could intensify war rhetoric as a means to deflect attention from the "real" issue of bankrupt and insolvent banks. Along with the Uranus and Pluto square there are other trigger aspects in the near future that could produce a sudden and unexpected "orchestrated crisis" to further the Elites agenda and one last hope to control the world through a Great and Terrible War!

The Hegelian Dialectic And War

Beware mainstream news media! The Hegelian Dialectic: They create conflict and then manage it. All mainstream news media, including Fox News have always been the tools of the power elite with the end game of enfolding the public into a world view or "narrative' that keeps people under control. The mainstream media deliver people from having to think or use discernment. There are ancient vendettas in the Middle East that the power elite are using as a scam to draw the U.S. into war over the non existent threat of "Sharia Law" when the real threat is from our own government that has passed a law giving the military the right to arrest and hold Americans without trial indefinitely. The media is feeding the public a distorted world view that is easily digested and fits so neatly into the Elites agenda to create a World War, rather than face the reality that they are bankrupt.

They want you to be: Afraid. Afraid of the Muslims. but it's the same old Hegelian Dialectic, they create the conflict and then manage it. "Perpetual war for perpetual peace," is what the Elite have created.. they created the Soviet Union, and it was very useful-"the best enemy money can buy" so after it fell apart in March 1990, they set about to replace it-with Islam! Six months later, The Atlantic Magazine ran an article by elite CFR member Bernard Lewis entitled "The Roots of Muslim Rage" in which he coined the phrase, "Clash of Civilizations." He stated that war between Islam and the West is inevitable. After this idea was promoted for awhile, a bomb went off at the World Trade Center, set by a "Muslim" group with bomb making expertise provided by an FBI informant. And then 9-11, do you believe the official story? mainstream media wants you to! Remember, the U.S. was allied with Al Qaeda in Libya.

My advise: Don't take sides in the Middle East, for neither will win

The greatest fear of the power elite is the people are waking up to their scheme. The internet has forced them to operate more in the open. A careless remark can "go viral" across the internet in a few hours. In order for them to pull off their agenda they need to get America to cooperate. A key feature to their plan is scapegoating. They will most likely create a villain in the Middle East to engage the emotions of Americans so that we forget the real villains in the financial institutions who are destroying our wealth.

The Banks and The Stock Market

The last barometer of economic vitality is the stability of the financials and the stock markets. Both are dangerously close to collapse. On June 21st, a date I had noted for subscribers to watch for a pullback in the markets, Moody's came out and announced more than a dozen downgrades on banks. The planetary influence of Pluto, now retrograde until September, will have an undertow effect on the economy and make it very difficult for the power elite to continue to manipulate the markets up.

They want more QE but that is not likely with Saturn square the Federal Reserve's Jupiter right now. They want a market correction on their terms and time frame, for maximum bailout opportunity. They continue to cover-up their banking mistakes, as we recently witnessed with Morgan Stanley's (MS) Facebook (FB) IPO flop and JP Morgan's (JPM) recent 2 billion trading loss, to buy time for their "other' agenda of more QE.

We could see in the next few months, very key events that suggest their plans are not going as expected, and there could be a shocking setback to their agenda. America will be more concerned about economic stability at home before considering going to war. Uranus is the planet of sudden and unexpected events, like a curve ball out of left field, an unexpected twist that could force America to Wake Up!

The following is a brief except from last weekend's premium update by Karen Starich, who uses astrology to forecast events in the financial markets. Astrology Traders provides specific dates and in-depth analysis of future events for the financial markets through weekly updates, trade alerts, and educational webinars.

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