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Molycorp CEO Mark Smith responds to stock's post-earnings drop in price

Molycorp CEO Mark Smith posted a kind of defense of hs company's earnings report. In this blog, he explains how to properly compare MCP resulst with analyst estimates. He also goes after speculation and what he deems misinterpretations in the marketplace regarding MCP's business. I am OK with Smith providing additional color on earnings results, but I do not think he should answer the market's potential misinterpretation of actual versus analysts estimates because 1) analysts on the conference call did not take him to task on it, 2) an article on CNBC already addressed this issue, 3) it gives the appearance that MCP has operationalized the meet/beat the estimates game. The focus should always be on the real business and building shareholder value. The rest will take care of itself.


My post-earnings commentary is here:

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