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I started my financial career working for the securities and trading arm of the now defunct Bear Stearns before thedot-com bubble. I am an active trader of the capital markets. I have published several books pertaining to finance, global economics, and equity trading; My most recent book is... More
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  • Global Debt And The Human Bubble. 10 comments
    Aug 25, 2014 6:50 PM

    The issue of a global population bubble is virtually not spoken of, in fact I may have been one of the first to openly discuss how grave a situation it really is. However this bubble may be about to burst.

    When an issue facing an individual or an entire population in this case is so immense, without any solution, it gets blocked involuntarily by the brains inability to cope. When an event is so far out and away from the ability of the average individual to get their head around a self-preservation mode "kicks in," and subsequently the reality of a given situation gets pushed out of the psyche. The actuality is that the explosion in world population brought directly about by a complete "mismanagement" of the global monetary system via the world's central banks has inflated a HUMAN BUBBLE. As I have discussed in my book The Politics Of Money and on my business day MarketReport many times, the issue of exploding global debt IS NOT just a monetary issue, it is a problem regarding resources. It's just that simple. When our politicians allowed Central Banks to implement a fiat monetary system (a debt based economic model), a virtual alternate reality was allowed to manifest itself. This debt based economic model has now evolved into the greatest threat facing mankind with no way out, and there lies the problem. A massive global loss of life is a mathematical certainty. The world's central banks are responsible for creating a "market" for their product, "currency backed by nothing." This "arrangement" demands cash be borrowed into existence in perpetuity. This mechanism is a self-feeding one as well, allow me to explain. This debt based system permits and demands an ever increasing debt to be acquired in order to function. Therefore as this fiat currency is borrowed into existence, resources are pulled from the future creating an environment of excess. This has allowed a global population boom and as such the demand for more debt to be borrowed into existence is constantly generated. What must be understood by you the reader is this, without exception all "bubbles" must burst at one point and why is that? Simple, because they rise above a level which can be sustained BY ANY MEANS. The world's central banks fiat monetary system has allowed a borrowing of monies from the future to live a better now. By pulling monies from the future we have been able to acquire and have access to resources which would normally not have been available. As such we now exist in a "reality" which is not sustainable. A global ever ballooning bubble in debt has directly fueled a population boom, in fact they have risen in tandem. It should be clear to you that the issue of exploding global debt is not sustainable by any means. Therefore, this global HUMAN BUBBLE will burst along with the DEBT BUBBLE simultaneously and tens of millions of people in every continent around the world will die.

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  • bjlyon615
    , contributor
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    The sad fact is that millions of people are already dying from starvation. But I'm not sure it is because we have depleted our resources but rather because of the inequitable distribution of food. Surely there are ways to increase the production of food for human consumption (e.g., grow corn, oats and other grains for human consumption rather than for feeding fact, there's some new technology in the works which may enable us to produce meat, not by raising animals for slaughter but by extracting cells from the animals which can then be "brewed" into tissue and processed into edible meat. Not only would this be a more humane way to eat meat but it would lessen the consumption of grains by non-humans. The real problem is how to convince people to make these culinary changes. And, I'm not so sure that those in power care one iota if billions of people were to perish from starvation. In their eyes, the more people who die, the more resources there would be for those who remain. Changing our monetary system won't change people's hearts. That's where the real problem and solution lies.
    26 Aug 2014, 09:03 AM Reply Like
  • wakeup!
    , contributor
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    The depleted resource is money and it's value. The death toll that we will see skyrocket will be in countries that REQUIRE our foreign aid to feed the masses. When we (u.s.a)finally hit the ceiling of our debt limit and the dollar collapses, we will create a massive vacuum that will pull every nation down with us...some more than other but there is no doubt the impact will effect everyone.
    There will be no one to buy China's crap.
    The goods we buy from Europe will drop, which will in turn impact them greatly. Fuel consumption will plummet. As each country struggles with massive unemployment, civil unrest and social upheaval; the government of those countries will have no choice but to divert all of their attention to the crisis in their country...After all they want to be re elected right? Well, the undeveloped countries will be forgotten and even if they are only forget for a small time, well, it doesn't take long when there's no food coming in.
    On top of all of that. Religious extremists and straight up evil will take this opportunity to kill and oppress the weak or defenseless.
    War may even break out during all of this. There is no question a rebalance of the worlds power and a reset of the population would come from an economic collapse
    26 Aug 2014, 04:10 PM Reply Like
  • rodvanmechelen
    , contributor
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    I'm a big fan and frequently post your videos on my website but on the subject of impending global scarcity it's simply not going to be an issue. Regarding population, see Fred Pearce's The Coming Population Crash. The demographic trends leading to a substantially smaller global population are already so deeply entrenched that it would literally take an immediate and prolonged spike in fertility rates to prevent it. The global population will peak at around 9 billion and then plunge to less than 6 billion, all other things being equal. This last ignores the Anglo-American push for war and the global elite's push to drive the global population to less than 2 billion.
    27 Aug 2014, 12:53 AM Reply Like
  • nancyreit
    , contributor
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    Well said.. very difficult topic. At times I think most are complacent in spite of knowing deep inside things are very wrong. I find myself , jaded from the constant bad crazy news and see that an end will come most likely in a series of crisis events which will happen by war, plague and economic collapse. It seems they are chipping away at the people to weaken them. Our collapse is happening and is a constant strain on the world. Much like the frog.. in boiling hot water pot!
    16 Oct 2014, 07:37 PM Reply Like
  • Reefus
    , contributor
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    I have come to respect and have come to agree with Greg on many points. By all measures, we should have had a collapsed monetary system already but they just keep coming up with more and more hail-mary's that have kept us teetering upon the ledge. We have prepared, to an extent, with buying land that backs up to forest service, stored food for a couple years, have good water and a way to get it, and have learned how to protect our family. All the while hoping that all of this is just a bunch of crap. Yet, knowing that the way this group of politicians, Republicans and Democrats, have put their energy to being owned and at the bidding of large corporate lobbyists and powers that have more money than most small governments GDP. Hoping and wishing and putting our faith into those who see our country as the problem of the world and constantly lie about the current state of our country, then do the opposite of what they tell us, I will cling to my guns and bible and have faith in those who work daily to find the Truth than put my family's fate in the hands of this lying, corrupt, morally bankrupt government of ours. How is the last vote working out for you. Did anything change? And who has betrayed the American people, let alone the rest of the world? The old song, "When the truth becomes lies and the lies become truth," is alive and well here in our present Orwellian circumstances. Keep up the good work Greg. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.
    31 Dec 2014, 09:14 PM Reply Like
  • Robert Sczech
    , contributor
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    Regarding "A massive global loss of life is a mathematical certainty": that is a trivial statement given that most people will die of natural causes within less than 100 years.


    A decline in natural resources due to depletion will happen over a very long period of time giving humanity enough time to readjust. Ultimately, depletion means decline in consumption levels. For instance, in the US, food consumption can go down by 50% without causing starvation. We all eat to much. Cutting food consumption by 30% will lead to a better health of people.
    1 Jan, 01:29 PM Reply Like
  • rmstilez
    , contributor
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    An infinite growth paradigm on a finite planet will necessarily hit the wall. What will the earth's 7 billion population do for productive work when in a few years 3-d machines operated by robots will be producing even the cheeseburgers at that golden arch place?
    10 Jan, 11:57 AM Reply Like
  • Forrest Byers
    , contributor
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    I have a slight disagreement with you, Greg. An increase in the population of the world is not so much the problem, rather is the diminution of morality with that morality be reflected by what you have identified as a wealth system as opposed to a debt system. The world has not only come off of a gold standard (a fairly badly mangled one) from Pres. Nixon shortsightedness (going to Fiat currency, supposedly being a temporary situation, reminiscent of Pres. Lincoln's Greenback dollar) to the establishment of the petrodollar for OPEC through Henry Kissinger, I believe Kissinger was Secretary of State, leading than before, going back to Woodrow Wilson or maybe even Teddy Roosevelt, along with the political rise of progressives, socialists, Marxists etc., the world has increasingly stepped away from the predominate Judeo-Christian moral standards of Western civilization, this is not an accident, more accurately it has been cunningly and coercively designed to achieve the outcome we have today. The titillation and carnality of the short term has overcome the blessings, the virtue and the good of the long-term with the creation of the Federal Reserve system and central banking as a prime example of a usurpation away from local and state governments (where the people in our federal system have tighter control and prerogative over city counselors, County boards, state representatives and senators etc. and most importantly, the prerogatives of the citizens, themselves. The morals of past citizenry going back, historically, have been more traditionally bonded to a relationship with God and family !


    The way back is first, repentance, get right with God. Second, take back the piggyback or in other words, abolish the Federal Reserve and restore some sort of gold standard and while were at it, decentralize monetary policy back to the states with gold, silver etc. as the common bond between the many states and the federal government. Third, eliminate the progressive income tax system, lower or eliminate capital gains tax, keeping in mind the competitive nature between nations of attracting capital, tell politicians to use class envy in their campaigns to Cork it, for class struggle is a waste of time, doing nothing but creating advantage for the political class to divide citizens one against another. Fourth, eliminate unnecessary regulation and bureaucracies such as the EPA. Global warming is nothing more than a Marxist socialist scheme camouflaged for a giant global redistribution system, the underlying assumptions of which are entirely arrogant, self-serving, dissembling and dismissive of God or nature


    History of human kind is cyclic, starting with being blessed, getting proud and boastful, which creates derision, causing strife and misery as in War, resulting in suffering and misery which makes people, humble, malleable, which leads to the desire to repent, thereby allowing the Lord to once again, bless His people.


    All I know for sure, is that if we look to stand on Holy Ground, leaning, faithfully on He, Who knows and understands all from beginning to end, but Who also gives us agency or the right to choose for ourselves, the sweet over the bitter, the good over the bad, Righteousness over wickedness, it is only then that we have hope to restore our covenant the ever loving and merciful God within his Mighty and Everlasting House!
    1 Feb, 06:18 AM Reply Like
  • gybo
    , contributor
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    I thought that America lost it's Sovereign Money( not based on debt via a Gov BOND and secured by a BIRTH CERTIFICATE), in 1913. According to G. Edward Griffin ( the creature from jackyll Island) and Bill Still ( the secret of Oz). It would seem that Senator Aldridge & President Wilson ( both lackeys of the Rothschild Banksters ), sold the US to these British Banksters who new the British Empire was dying. It makes me wonder if the Human Species will ever learn the lesson of History and never again allow these 'parasites ' to control what we falsely consider to be Money. We never seem to learn.
    2 Feb, 04:24 PM Reply Like
    , contributor
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    Money is simply a concept, a thought process, an agreement.
    Thus everything that has been said here is far from truth. The most important modern day example would be Greece. Join EU, give up sovereignty, and right to print own money. Yes they are in big trouble. But, wise is the gov that prints its own money. You never have to suffer all that is said here.


    Consider this, you lend America money at 1% and America inflates there currency 2% per year. Who is better off.
    30 Apr, 08:01 PM Reply Like
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