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A Brief History Of Solar Power In Modern Times.

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A Brief History of Solar Power in Modern times.

It seems solar power is much bigger already then most people know.

Solar power discovery led to the dawn of the computer age and space

age as we know it now. Oh yes ,solar power was around way before

computers were even thought of, the push to increase the efficiency

of early solar panels led to the invention of parts used in computers.

It seems that solar power made everything to do with computers and the

internet possible as the first major application for the solar

panels was satellite arrays. This is why investment in solar power

globally will be 10 times that of the internet amounting to over

$40 trillion US$. Read the facts below sourced from wiki

The photovoltaic effect was first experimentally demonstrated

by French physicist A. E. Becquerel. In 1839 The device was

only around 1% efficient.

Albert Einstein explained the underlying mechanism of light

instigated carrier excitation-the photoelectric effect-in 1905,

for which he received the Nobel prize in Physics in 1921.[3]

Russell Ohl patented the modern junction semiconductor solar

cell in 1946,[4] which was discovered while working on the

series of advances that would lead to the transistor.

From 1954 to 1960 Hoffman improved the efficiency of Solar Cells

from 2% to 14%. At first, cells were developed for toys and other

minor uses, as the cost of the electricity they produced was very

high; in relative terms, a cell that produced 1 watt of electrical

power in bright sunlight

cost about $250, comparing to $2 to $3 per watt for a coal plant.

In 1959 the United States launched Explorer 6. It featured

large solar arrays resembling wings, which became a common

feature in future satellites

by 1971 cell costs were estimated to be $100 per watt.[7]

by 1973 Linden, New Jersey Exxon lab, Solar Power Corporation

(SPC).[8] was producing panels at $10 per watt and selling

them at $20 per watt, a five fold decrease in prices in two years.

ARCO Solar's factory in Camarillo, California was the first

dedicated to building solar panels, and was in continual operation

from its purchase by ARCO in 1977 until 2011 when it was closed by


The widespread introduction of flat screen televisions in the

late 1990s and early 2000s led to the wide availability of large

sheets of high-quality glass, used on the front of the panels.

Solar panels are now less then $1 a watt with China leading

the way in global production by producing key materials needed

to bring solar power affordability to all. Many bankrupt solar

panel makers recently liquidated their remaining panels in stock

at a loss due to liquidation proceedings, those solar companies

in China that liquidated are no longer producing and with that

being said they no longer have stock to liquidate either so that

"glut" of supply no longer exists , so a move in investor

sentiment from supply glut to supply shortage will be the

shift from loss to profitability in the entire solar sector

production stream. From the history of solar power we can

see that China was a late participant into the production

of solar goods yet it has played the most critical role in

reducing costs which benefits all except big oil.

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