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The Age Of Convergence

It's been a while since I have posted on Seeking Alpha, although I've been a daily reader and engaged in markets and events throughout this time... And I have also been busy in other ways...

I am excited to announce my new book, The Age of Convergence, a collection of essays about what I believe to be a major new economic era.

As information and its connected systems grow to fill the industrial core, borders separating disparate fields are fading. My book approaches the subject from assorted angles, including strategic, financial, commercial, technological, entrepreneurial, social, and, of course, economic. It is a thematic overview as well as an inventory of trends, a thesis and also a commentary. An attempt is made to render the abstract pragmatically and the pragmatic as universally as possible.

From the "Afterword," page 163:

Pattern recognition, data visualization, information processing are the recounting of stories. Facebook timelines, Twitter streams, LinkedIn updates, Google searches and results, much like reality TV, are stories, too. Stock charts and analyses, financial ratios and credit ratings, research reports, are variations, commentaries, stories about stories, and so on. Journalistic content and entertainment product, often interchangeable, are stories unabashedly, if previously listed examples are maybe less self-aware. When an entrepreneur pitches a venture capitalist, a story is told much like a filmmaker pitching a studio chief. In turn, investors tell stories to explain the risk that's taken. When we speak about a new era of information, a new economy based on information flow and connectivity, we are speaking about a world of stories.

This book contains the story of a pattern that is starting to shape.

For additional information about the paperback and eBook editions, please visit the Amazon page. See you there.