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MEDL Mobile Holdings Inc (MEDL) Should See Significant Appreciation With Its Hang W/ Social Media Platform.

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Came across an article interesting article on MEDL Mobile Holdings from Insider Monkey. It's a few months old, but amazing insightful when they speculated that:

One potential area that has "yet to be explored" is the potential for mobile app makers to integrate with the Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) Glass.

In essence, the author was speculating/guessing that the videos being taken by Hang w/ members using their smartphone camera, could be instead be used by a member wearing Google Glass.

Good call, because on January 2nd nearly three months later, MEDL announced "Hang W/ Debuts on Google Glass."

The press release stated, "The Google Glass version of the app allows users to share what they are seeing and hearing live with all of the users of the Hang w/ application."

Andrew Maltin, CEO said, "We believe Hang w/ is a killer app for Google Glass. The idea of being able to broadcast hands-free and share everything you are seeing via live streaming video is incredibly exciting."

What he means by "incredibly exciting" is the difference between walking up to an event, let's call it a brawl in a nightclub between some East Coast and West Coast rappers - with camera in hand vs just looking at them through your glasses.

Imagine how quickly that camera would be knocked out of your hand, if you were foolish enough to try to tape it. Now imagine if your foolish/bold enough to risk suffering some personal collateral damage, but you still want to get in there and you film the event just by looking at them with your Google glasses on! You could be under a cocktail table or slightly behind a burly security guard for cover or even hopping over some lounge couches mid-brawl...yeah, exciting.

Now of course that's a crazy example, but it highlights two features. One which is not having to hold your phone to video whatever it is you want to video live. And two, that the subject your filming will be much more relaxed and free to act more candidly, when they don't have a camera in their face. Think of a paparazzi on the red carpet talking to a celebrity. All around a much more comfortable experience.

There was also an interesting article in with Robert Scoble who is the most visible of the Google Glass Explorers and a prominent supporter of Google's wearable tech. He wore the Glass at last weeks CES and the Hang w/ connection.

The article stated that "Hang w/ allows its users to broadcast their video streams socially, sharing live. The service is coming to Google Glass and will let glassholes broadcast what they're seeing and hearing live. Since Glass is worn by the user, it will pretty much be the equivalent to a constantly streaming helmet-cam."

While there is much speculation when the Glass will be available to the public, on thing we feel sure of is that Hang w/ can supercharge the attractiveness of Glass and being a Google product, vica versa..

As the they "..any press is good press" and when a small company with a $15 million market cap and be mentioned in the same article Google is, very good indeed.

Disclosure: I am long MEDL.

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