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Open Heart helps Open Mind

|Includes:GE, Tyco International Ltd. (TYC)

On May 24, 2009 my heart started hurting while I was driving back home from Panaera's in Winter Park, FL where I had been visiting with friends.  There was big pain in chest and I took a Nitroglycerine tab.  The tiny pill went to work.  For a moment I felt some relief.

Then BOOM the pain was back.  I was between home and Florida Hospital South on Rollins Ave.  I was there at Emergency in less than 2 miles.  I had pulled up to the wrong door.  I was at Valet !   The poor guy at Valet who saw me clutching my chest, asking for help...short of breath,  in the worse pain in my life.   The Security Officer got a wheel chair, put me in it and literally ran with me in the chair through the hospital.  Florida Hospital South is the main hospital.  And under construction so it was good this guy knew where to go.

I arrived at Emergency or I think they call it Triage now?  So trully beautiful nurse opened my shirt, and started to hook up the EKG. She was a pro.  I was hurting, wanted to yell.... but she just kept up..... breath now...I need these readings... there we go.  OK.    And she took the EKG paper and moved me down the hall to a room.

The next nurse once in the room was Filipina.  What a fox.  But, totally professional.  It was just a great distraction from the pain.  She hooked up some bottles and bags in an IV to my arm.  One whice was more Nitro.  The night was just beginning.  The next stop - Cath Lab !

The Cath Lab where they put tubes with camera up into my heart.  Is like a General Electric sandbox.  And having done this before.  I want to thank GE for being good at what they do.  These tools let Dr Mark Sand save my life.

When I say Dr it also means the whole Florida Hospital Team.  OK !  no slight, but with the meds they had me on and the pain I was in.  I do not remember the names.  Just happy they know what they do so well. 

It was after the Cath Lab results that Dr. Mark Sand explained in the most human way what was going to be needed if I were to live.  He was not cold, he had the compassion of a doctors of old, while also being direct & to the point so there be no question that this could be life and/or death.

The Coronary Bypass Surgery would end up being x4. 

I remember going to the cathlab. Remember talking to Dr Sand.  Do not remember much else after that untill it was over. 

BTW.... I an not writing this from beyond.... so guess I made it.

More later on my normal blog.   Just wanted to write.  And thank the hard working men and women, at GE,  Kendall,  Tyco Health care,  Drug Companies who made the operation possible and kept me alive.  Thank them all. 

In my case GE did bring good things back to life !  Thanks.

(all I need now is a


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