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Memories of Greg Newton

One of our contributors emailed Boaz, our director of contributor relations, and wrote:

Boaz and SA team,

Thanks for the posting about Greg Newton.  It is nice to see SA mentioning these things and supporting the community instead of just moving along.  I didn't know greg, but did enjoy his writing and am glad to see you acknowledging his passing.

I was extremely upset to learn that Greg had died. I feel a particularly deep sense of gratitude to the stock market bloggers who were early contributors to Seeking Alpha, and Greg was one of the earliest. He sent me an email out of the blue in August 2005 in which he wrote "We don't know each other, but I'm a buddy - and a client - of Dave Fry's ETF Digest". 

We then had brief correspondences on and off throughout 2005 and 2006, and Greg posted to his blog and we carried his posts on Seeking Alpha.

He was always funny, honest, and a pleasure to deal with. When he gave me advice, it was thoughful and reflective of his integrity as a person.

He'll be missed.