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Rethinking how Seeking Alpha calculates Top Commenters

We've been aware for a while that our Top Commenters leaderboard and badges are unsatisfactory. 

Until now, we were calculating Top Commenters by a simple tally of the number of "likes" their comments received. The problem with that is that there are many groups on Seeking Alpha who repeatedly "like" their own members' comments, so the number of likes might not be an accurate recognition of comment quality.

So we've decided to re-evaluate the algorithm we use to calculate Top Commenters. I suspect we'll still base the rankings on "likes", but we can be far more sophisticated, for example by taking account of the "authority" of the person who votes with a "like". (Think aboout Google's calculations of Page Rank based on links and the authority of the linking site.)

While we rethink this, we're removing the Top Commenters badges and the link to the Top Commenters leaderboard in the footer of the site. But we're still storing all the data about "likes", so that when we launch the new algorithm it will take account of up to date data.

If you have any thoughts about how we should calculate Top Commenters, we'd love to hear your ideas - please leave a comment below.