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How Money Managers and Financial Advisers Are Using the Web

A survey of finanical advisors by Kasina LLC found that investment professionals are increasingly looking for information on the open Internet, reaching outside the closed professional tools they've historically relied on.

In response to the question "How has the amount of time you spend online changed over the last 12 months?", 22.3% indicated that their usage has increased by more than three hours a week, while another 28% said it has increased by one to three hours a week.

Richard Cox, Cox Wealth Management LLCDavis Janowski, writing for Investment News, illustrates this with comments by money managers and financial advisors. Richard Cox Sr. (pictured), the chief investment manager of Cox Wealth Management LLC, says that in addition to Dorsey Wright's daily asset-leveling program and Morningstar's historical data, he's "a fan of Seeking Alpha, which provides the views of fellow investing professionals and gives him ideas."

We recently received detailed survey data on Seeking Alpha's readership from Nielsen. It found that, of the leading finance websites (those with over two million unique monthly visitors), Seeking Alpha has the highest percentage of investment professionals among its readership.