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New Instablogs Worth Watching

Peter Way Associates: "Provides investment professionals with forward-looking, market-derived Risk:Reward tradeoff assessments for widely held and actively traded common stocks and ETFs."

Ryan Henry: "The principle of Wavespeak, a market forecasting and stock recommendation website that has provided its subscribers exceptional returns for the past seven years."

Steve Earl: "An active trader who successfully uses charts, industry news and company fundamentals to maximize profits."

Pablo Paolucci: "Has nineteen years experience as an investor in both emerging and first world markets, ranging from derivatives to fixed income. Partner of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange and Owner of Terminus Consulting LLC with branches in United States, Argentina and Brazil since 2001."

Mohammed Isah: "A technical strategist and head of research at, a technical-research Web site. He has been trading and analyzing the foreign exchange market for the past seven years."

Cyclical Contrarian: "A private Investor MBA with Honors Univ. Chicago Graduate School of Business MSE Princeton Univ. Favorite Investing Quote: "Buy when the blood is running in the streets" - Nathan Rothschild"

Position Theta: "A blog devoted to the pursuit of market-beating and superior risk-adjusted returns through conservative stock options trading with a focus on capturing time decay (theta) through "spread" positions."

Stock Buddy: "Stock Buddy's analyst team comprises of experts from varied fields such as Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Macro-Micro Economics, World Affairs, Currency and much more."

Scott Downing: "The Director of Research at Prior to joining BigTrends, Scott was a Retirement Services Specialist with The Vanguard Group in suburban Philadelphia, PA. Scott served High Net-Worth clients, specializing in retirement plan asset allocation."

Worthless Pennies: "An analyst with years of experience. I tend to specialize in short selling."

David A Moore: "A 24 year veteran of the Futures, Options and Forex Markets. He is a former institutional floor trader for top tier broker-dealers and has traded everything from coffee, sugar, grains to energy products, as well as, financial indices, gold, silver, and currencies."

Double Bluff: "A former media & Internet research analyst at Montgomery Securities and Thomas Weisel Partners."

Shawn M. Leonard: "I became involved in portfolio and asset management on the Registered Investment Advisor platform, growing my private client’s portfolios to over $300 million at both Fidelity Investments and Schwab Institutional Investments... My research-driven investment process includes both traditional fundamental analysis and quantitative metrics."

John Mylant: "Self-employed Business owner, has been trading and coaching in option trading for 10 years. Philosophically conservative in philosophy and a technical trader who believes in protecting and hedging trades to get maximum profits while guarding against loss."

Richard Tomlinson: "More than ten years' consulting and investment management experience. In particular, extensive expertise in running multi-manager hedge fund assets with a dynamic allocation process through a proprietary managed account platform."

Quality of Earnings

Stockcraft: "I mix day trading and CANSLIM inspired position investing to produce a more consistent flow of income during a variety of market conditions. From Purdue University I earned a BS in Electrical Engineering and a BA in Creative Writing and worked for several years as a Web Engineer before switching full time to stock investing."

Crude Oil Trader: "Crude Oil Calls, Superior Trading Tools."

Cocacolabuffet: "A full-time stock investor who does research in commodities, retailers and REITs."

Dan St. Marie: "I am currently a project manager for CDM, an environmental consulting firm in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I began investing in the late 1990's after completing my Masters of Science degree in environmental engineering."

Natalie P: "Analyst, seeking to share knowledge and learn from others."

ARH: "I am an analyst that focuses on and applies general market trends to future stock/sector activities. I am predominately a, long, value investor."

Kondratiev: "Self employed futures/FX trader since 2003. Use T/A only. Over many years I have developed some prop. indicators that warned me in Februrary 2007 of an impending severe correction."

Hardymaine: "Full time trader since 2007. Formed my own trading corporation, Black Bull Enterprises, Inc. in Feb. 2008. Previously worked as a financial forecaster for Anthem Health Plans of Maine, from 1993 - 2007."

Capitalist Bull: "Professional Trader and Investor."

Tim Bourquin: "Trader and entrepreneur. To relax after a stressful day of trading, I chase bad guys with guns down dark alleys as a Reserve Police Officer with LAPD."

Daniel Eskin: "Is the Co-founder of Young and Invested. He has completed his BBA degree at University of Toronto, specializing in management and accounting. He is currently working with one of the Big 4 accounting firms in the audit capacity."

Tejus Trivedi: "Has analyzed corporate governance processes within business and IT at several multinational and Fortune 500 companies. She runs a governance research website,, that provides non-financial research on publicly listed companies."

Jeff Geygan: "Senior portfolio manager and strategist, Milwaukee Private Wealth Management, Inc."

Michael Noonan: "Is the driving force behind Edge Trader Plus. He has been in the futures business for 30 years, functioning primarily in an individual capacity. He was the research analyst for the largest investment banker in the South, at one time."

Miles Hoffman: "I trade options with an emphasis on selling them. My focus is on trading index options, although I do trade options on individual stocks."

Prohobo: "With a couple of decades of experience as an option market maker and institutional floor broker on the trading floor of the PCX/Arca Exchange, I have some opinions (not always right). I do have a decent grasp of options and market mechanics."

Charles Hicks: "I am a thirty-something manager at a large publicly traded company. Most of my investing focus is on smaller companies offered at a significant discount to intrinsic value, although I frequently short shares I believe are overvalued."

OptionsMeister: "Options tradering over 20 years. Specialize in trading the Dow components. Best tech analysis - anything by Richard Hexton."

Ragnarrr: "I manage the trust assets of a high net worth family along with the main beneficiary, an 87 year old market expert. We operate out of south Florida."

David Eller "analyzes handset and component stocks for TownHall Research. He has 15 years of experience covering technology stocks on the buy and sell side."

Robert Moreno "is a former member of the New York Cotton Exchange and the New York Board of Trade. He did technical analysis for Regal Commodities for many years and wrote their internal daily newsletter. Currently, he is a General Partner at Wyckoff Investment Partners, LLC."

Matthew Pollock is "an economics graduate based in Asia, with long experience of financial journalism. I publish The Global Property Guide, a mine of data on residential property values, residential investment taxation, and legal issues."

Dan Ramsden: "Founder and a managing director of DreamTigerEquities, a New York based merchant banking and advisory firm specializing in Emerging Media and related Technologies & Services."

Absolute Capital: "Portfolio Manager for a Hedge Fund."

Sydbarrett: "I have a MBA in Finance from the University of Oregon, and I work in the Aerospace industry."

NormK: "I am the Director of Software Engineering at a privately held firm that offers Identity Protection and Verification services. I have been investing for more than 25 years, mainly in individual stocks and more recently in ETFs."

William McNarland, CFA "has been working in the investment industry for 15 years. He is a co-founder of PMCMG Inc. and My Global Analyst Inc. He has appeared as a guest on Money Line and taught at the University of Toronto."