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Why don't IR people use Seeking Alpha?

We received an email from an investor relations professional who submitted an article to us for publication. We refused it, and he asked why.

Should we accept IR people as Contributors? No, because it wouldn't be best for our readers. Our readers want to know what investors think about stocks. Investors own stocks because they are positive about them, whereas company executives and IR people are positive about their company because that's their job.

Nonetheless, IR people can get a ton of exposure on Seeking Alpha without contributing articles. They can StockTalk all the info they want about their companies, and the info appears on our home page and quote pages. (By connecting to Twitter on our site, they can use StockTalk to reach Seeking Alpha's audience and also Twitter readers in one shot.) With a little thought (eg. mentioning ticker symbols of competing companies in StockTalks), they can introduce their companies to readers who don't know them but would be interested to hear about them.

They can also write Instablogs, and comment on articles.

Seeking Alpha is an ideal location for IR people. Contributors and articles are vetted, comments are moderated, and we have an article dispute process that ensures accuracy.

More important, Seeking Alpha has a dream audience for IR professionals. Our readers are not day traders. They are the investor base companies want to own their stock: investment professionals and serious individual investors.

But we've had a really hard time getting IR people engaged in Seeking Alpha in any way. We've offered to transcribe companies' conference calls at little more than cost, to show IR people how to use StockTalk, and to give IR people greater prominence as company representatives. The take up has been almost zero, so we gave up.

IR people could use StockTalk to inform our readers about:
-News advisories
-Comments on industry developments
-Conf call info.
-Research alerts
-Presentation links and alerts
-Media coverage references and links

... but they never do.