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How Do The Most Successful IR And PR People Use Seeking Alpha?

About 3,000 IR and 2,000 PR people are registered on Seeking Alpha. We've been watching how they use the site. Here are five tips, based on what we see the most successful IR and PR people doing:

1. Know what's being said about your stock

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2. Tell us if an article about your stock contains errors
If there's a material error in an article about your stock, we'll act fast to correct it. You'll find a link to contact our editors (Problems with this article? Please tell us.) in the "About this article" unit below every article.

3. Send information to authors who write about your stock
Seeking Alpha enables you to direct message authors who write on your stock or sector. You'll find a "Send Message" button under the author's photo on every article page. You can use that to send press releases, or even offer an interview with management.

4. Ensure your conference call transcripts are being published
Seeking Alpha publishes thousands of conference call transcripts every quarter. Make sure yours is included by going to the quote page for your stock on to check if the transcript is there. If we're not publishing it, email racheltova [at]

5. Get your news in front of the influencers who matter
As well as broad coverage of individual stocks, Seeking Alpha has outstanding coverage of macro, sector and theme issues. If you have news that's relevant, search for articles on your topic and send a direct message to the authors.

If you're an IR or PR person, in what ways do you use Seeking Alpha?