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3 Stocks To Watch Include Pristine Solutions, Inc (OTC: PRTN) Punchline Entertainment Inc. (OTC: PUNL) And Global Technologies Group Inc. (OTC: GTGP)

|Includes:Global Technologies Group, Inc. (GTGP)

As Sumer draws to a close and we go into September Penny Stocks generally start to heat up and I have several on my watch list which should get really interesting here.

The first is Pristine Solutions, Inc (OTC: PRTN); I wrote in my earlier articles today on PRTN that I thought this one would end up just like VLNX or RARS; 1 day wonders basically that crashed and burned the 2nd day and ruined many investors. However I am no longer so sure. PRTN is fully reporting OTCBB which is something all successful long term APS picks have in common as well it traded really strong this afternoon and reminded me more of GWBU or SNPK then an all out stock sale blow out like VLNX which traded $90M in dollar volume in 1 day.

While I am not saying that I now think PRTN will be a successful long term APS play backed by big support and a massive hard mailer campaign, I am saying that I saw WDCO on the bid today with some huge orders just like the old days on successful APS runs and I do have my mind open to the possibility that PRTN could be a huge runner in September.

Punchline Entertainment Inc. (OTC: PUNL) is another stock that has heated up in recent session trading an incredible $2.5M in dollar volume on Friday the stock was strong again today closing up 13% at $1.10 on 1,532,000 shares traded. While there is no confirmed promotion in place yet, PUNL is structured for big promotion with large blocks of stock in nominee accounts.

There is an unconfirmed rumor going around that PUNL has the same group that did IDNG behind it; if this is the case then this one could be a huge runner in coming weeks. IDNG ran big before they trapped everyone in the forward split! Everybody's shares were blocked from trading while they dumped it to pennies in one of the sketchiest moves in recent bb history!

The 3rd stock I have my eye on here is Global Technologies Group Inc. (OTC: GTGP) which has run from sub pennies to a recent high of $1.29 before dropping back down to the $1.10 level where it seems to be forming a strong base. With an investor following the likes of which is rarely seen in Penny Stock World, government contracts and the potential for massive revenues GTGP just might go much, much higher here. One thing that continues to bother me on this one is that fact that GTGP has not put out an SEC filing since 2007. Investors who I have talked to seem to think this is a non issue (even though Otcmarkets recently slapped them with the yield sign) and seem to implicitly trust the companies "rock star" CEO James Fallacaro. Personally I have a hard time trusting any Penny Stock CEO but I will hold off judgment here for the time being.

For future promotion I have my eye on 2 low volume stocks that are structured right and connected to big money promotion. They are PZOO and SWDZ. Make sure you are subscribed to OTCMagic so you get the inside scoop on any of the stocks mentioned in this article! is quickly becoming the preeminent destination for up to date information on the hottest stocks in Penny stock World

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