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What Happened To PRTN? Pristine Solutions, Inc, (OTC: PRTN) AwesomePennyStocks (APS) Pick!

Investors who were holding long on PRTN with the dream that this one too would go on to several dollars a share in the footsteps of previous legendary APS picks such as Sunpeak Ventures, Inc (OTC: SNPK) or Great Wall Builders, Ltd (OTCPK:GWBU) were in for an unhappy surprise this morning when the stock started dropping big right out of the gate.

As I have stated many times now in previous articles on APS the dream that one could buy one of their picks when they announced it and sell for 10 X your entry a few months down the road died with GWBU and is done for good. Investors who continue to hold on to this dream have only scored huge loses; 1st with VLNX and if they survived that mess then they are losing big now on PRTN.

The Penny Stock Markets change very quickly and what is effective and successful one day will not work a few months down the road. AwesomePennyStocks did see some huge runs on NSRS and SNPK but those stocks collapsed to almost nothing afterwards while the short position just watched. This time around the short position was much more aggressive as evidenced by the successful coordinated attack on PRTN this morning.

Conclusion: PRTN has completely collapsed this morning through all support levels and it looks like this one is down for the count! Not only does this morning's trading spell the end for PRTN it spells the end of the APS dream for any that were still holding on after the VLNX debacle.

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Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.