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Pristine Solutions, Inc (OTC: PRTN) AwesomePennyStocks (APS) Pick Is A Rock Star!

Just when everyone had pretty much written off APS and PRTN the stock is starting to make a comeback. From the lows of $0.16 last week PRTN has continued to climb and is currently trading near $0.35 just $0.05 off its original trader support level.

Investors have begun to notice that PRTN is trading like successful picks of APS past; we all remember the volatile early days of NSRS and SNPK both those stock had major shakedowns well over 50% several times before they eventually went on to make their epic runs. And it almost seems fitting that PRTN would have shook so hard early considering the animosity and uncertainty of the VLNX disasters - many investors were bound to take their profits early and if the deal is for real and APS does plan to go all the way on PRTN - hard mailers etc then that dropped made sense as insiders had another opportunity to load up on cheep shares.

In this morning's email update APS claims:

"Tropine 3 will help millions of people in the world and PRTN will capitalize tremendously on that since the drug solves a problem that no other drug has been able to address in the past. Here's the type of jump we could expect to see. Those are companies that recently received FDA approval. ARNA $1.50 to $13 VVUS $8 to $31 or OREX $1 to $7

On top of that every pharmaceutical stock we have featured in the past few years has soared way more than 500% and we're positive PRTN should follow the same path and deliver our members great gains"

At least now we are receiving regular email updates like the APS picks of old!

One very important technical indicator is the $0.40 cent mark which was PRTN bottom support for the 1st few days of trading; if it breaks over the $0.40 (and it's getting very close here) then I suspect many investors who have been watching from the sidelines will jump back in. Ultimately what makes or breaks this deal is if they do the $5M hard mailer campaign on PRTN as they did on prior picks such as SNPK or GWBU - if they do (and judging by the way that PRTN trades it looks like they might) then this one goes ballistic and we are talking dollars per shares not pennies!

I will continue to update on PRTN as new events unfold so make sure that you are subscribed to so you get the inside scoop. is quickly becoming the preeminent destination for up to date information on the hottest stocks in Penny stock World

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