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What Happened To Pristine Solutions Inc. (OTC: PRTN) Santo Mining Corp (OTC: SANP) And Punchline Resources Ltd. (OTC: PUNL) And Vision Plasma Systems Inc. (OTC: VLNX)

Anyone with an eye on Penny Stocks over the past few years has seen the rise of known stock promotion groups such as AwesomePennyStocks (APS) StockMarketAuthority (NYSE:SMA) and TheBullExchange (NYSEARCA:TBX) as they gained notoriety and investors came to each preceding pick with certain expectations - most of which have been shattered in recent months.

Investors are asking:

What Happened to PRTN?

What Happened to SANP?

What Happened to PUNL?

What Happened to VLNX?

Pristine Solutions Inc. (OTC: PRTN) was AwesomePennyStocks (APS) pick that followed in the foot-steps of such success stories as NSRS, SNPK and GWBU. Right out of the gate this one traded much weaker than its predecessors and the stock never managed to make it over the $0.50 mark. Absent were the multi-million dollar hard mailers that catapulted NSRS/SNPK to dollars per share. PRTN failed where those succeeded and now trades for well under a nickel where it should be trading.

Santo Mining Corp (OTC: SANP) was StockMarketAuthority (SMA) new big pick that traded as high as $1.70 per share shortly after they announced it. Where SEFE their previous pick managed an intra-day run to almost $3 per share SANP was heavily attacked by the shorts just days after SMA announcement and they have since buried the stock. While SANP has since come back to over $0.60 per share the damage is done on this one and its over as fast as it started.

Punchline Resources Ltd. (OTC: PUNL) was the new pick from Bollinger Research that followed in the footsteps of IDNG which exploded to over $4 per share. PUNL never reached even a fraction of that success and was attacked aggressively by the short position that was all too aware of how fast they took down the now infamous IDNG. Don't expect much more from PUNL here, those responsible have already moved onto to something else.

Vision Plasma Systems Inc. (OTC: VLNX) was the latest pick from TheBullExchange (TBX) that collapsed on its first day out of the gate. Word is that TBX got back-door on that one as there was an aggressive seller with a big block of stock that they didn't't know about. In any case the stock now trades for less than a penny.

All of these stock spelled huge losses for the investors unlucky enough to trade them and there are still many investors who hold their positions hoping the stock will rebound. Make sure you are subscribed to so you get the inside scoop on any of the companies mentioned in this article. is quickly becoming the preeminent destination for up to date information on the hottest stocks in Penny stock World.

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