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Stocks To Buy

|Includes:ACN, AMT, CHD, LivePerson, Inc. (LPSN), WFC
Stocks To Buy:

LivePerson Inc (NASDAQ:LPSN) - Stock with lots of price growth over the past year and it has great management. Also the revenue is growing steadily. It has high ratings which means people will invest in it. Also the PE is in a discounted range.

Accenture Inc (NYSE:ACN) - Stock with price growth that shows good trends over the past year. It is a company advisor team which brings in lots of money which also has growth with the cash. And very important is that it has Grade A efficiency when comparing net income per employee.

Church & Dwight Co (NYSE:CHD) - This stock 3 years ago was unheard of and now it is a large cap company. This shows great growth over the past 3 to 5 years. It has performance that destroys its sector. It rating is A+ on TheStreet, 5-star on Morningstar, and A3 on Moody's. Its PE ratio is at a nice discount level.

Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC) - This stock is the stock to buy because of its latest news that it became the #1 mortgage lender. This has boosted revenue bringing it to great growth and has put the company at a discounted price.

American Tower (NYSE:AMT) - The best price growth out of any stock in its sector. The perfect 12 PE. Trending on the price is at a very high upward position. Management that is just amazing and this also includes its efficiency. And performance in cash is through the roof. I rate it a 1-buy; or A+. I think it is the stock to buy.