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Independent Oil & Gas Rating Reports

|Includes:APA, APC, DVN, Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY)

Occidental Petroleum Corp (NYSE:OXY)- A: First and maybe the most important part of rating a stock you need to look at the stocks growth over time. And the thing you look for when looking at growth is revenue and net income growth. This company has great growth in revenue with the last five years going; 20.0B, 24.5B, 15.5B, 19.1B, and last year 24.1B. Though you do see a drop in 2009 you have to remember that was when we were having a depression so you can't expect a stock to keep its revenue up. Then for sales you see the exact same trend so I'm not going to show you the numbers. We rate these fundamental numbers: A

Next after fundamental we have technical analysis. The stock over the past 6 months has been having a trend downward but it is starting to come out of that decline. But because of the decline over the last 6 months we rate the technical strength of the company: BB.

Apache Corp (APA)- BBB: First we looked into the fundamental strength of the company (ticker: APA). We rate if by the growth of the company over the past few years. The main two fundamental ratios we look at and are the biggest part of test is the growth of revenue and net income. The company has had very good revenue and net income growth and had recollected itself after the fall in 2009 during the depression. And this is the same story with the net income. Revenue 5yr growth: 2007-10B, 2008-12.4B, 2009-8.6B, 2010-12.1B, 2011-16.9. So as you can see it has shown great revenue growth and for that reason we rated the fundamental strength: AA

Next we looking into the technical strength of the company (ticker: APA). The stock has showed much volatility over the past year and is at the bottom of one of the wavelengths so I believe itwill go up again. Rating for technical strength: BBB

Anadarko Petroleum Corp (APC)- CCC: First we need to rate the fundamental strength of the stock (ticker: APC). The biggest part of this test come from the growth of revenue an net income. Over the past 5 years the revenue growth has been gone, the revenue per year has been DECREASING! Now this is very bad for a company to have. Now thought it did fall after the 2009 depression, it hasn't been correcting itself up again to the level it was in 2007 and 2008 and even then there was a decrease in revenue from 2007 to 2008. Because of this we rate the fundamentals of the company: CCC

Next we rate the technical strength of the stock (ticker: APC). For the past 9 months the stock price has been declining fast and it doesn't seem to be stopping soon. Though it did start to go up at the beginning of June, it has been falling ever since. This seems to look like it will continue so I will rate the stock for technical strength: CC

Devon Energy Corp (DVN)- AAA: First we need to rate the fundamental strength of the company (ticker: DVN). The stock had great growth in revenue from 2007 to 2008 then took a big dip in 2009 when the depression struck. But that hurt the company more than most because the size and products they sell cost lots and aren't daily buys. Also it is usually a government buying, but this company is based in the US and the US is going under depression and can't afford to buy from them. This is why they took the big dip then. But from 2009 to 2010 the company made a big correction and kept that going till 2011 but is still under the 2008 revenue. But when putting all those facts in there we rated the fundamental strength of the company: AA

Next we test the technical strength of the company (ticker: DVN). As most stocks in the industry, it has been going down for the past 6 months, but at a slower pace than most. It is starting to come back up and this has been going on for 1 and 1/2 months. This will probably lead to an increase in the price for the next 6 months. Using this research, we rate the technical strength of this stock: AAA

Source: Mitch Financial

Stocks: OXY, APA, APC, DVN