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regarding a momentum stock BBEP

Their current P/E is 4.19 but they do not have enough growth to even figure a PEG. P/S is a bit high to be a value sign at 1.21 (I look for <1) but their Quick Ratio is good at 1.80 (I look for >=1). When you look at the cash flow ratios - something wonderful shows up:
1)Price/Free Cash Flow = 7.31 (<=15 is great)
2)The Operational Cash Flow/Share = $4.16
3)so Price/CFO = 3.35 (<=5 is great)
The combination of both of these Ratios is rare and usually show a stock worth backing up the truck for. I have to agree with Joe Ponzio - this stock is an excellent choice. I would use it in my trading portfolio as their dividend record does not qualify them as a core stock - but it is a GREAT trade stock especially when you take the P/B being less than 0.66 into consideration. This means that a 50% minimum gain over the next 2 years is very possible according to Ben Graham's research