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Random Walk On Wall Street Portfolios

Below are the portfolios as promised. They are the result of research saying that a chimp could do at least as well as a portfolio manager. [See the originating Stock Talk:

Several SA seasoned Stock Talkers and authors contributed their portfolios (details are in the above link). I wanted to include a "worst of breed" portfolio which is the New Yearly Lows > $2. I made it greater than $2 because below that a lot of companies go out of business and I wanted this portfolio to have a chance.

I also wondered how well a portfolio of the Seeking Alpha Pro Long picks would do in comparison. I went through the articles published in decreasing time order to arrive at the portfolio shown below. (All of this is detailed in the above Stock Talks.)

Current portfolio results:

1. TruffelPig's Biotechs are winning. Truff is a good stock picker but it also helps that biotechs keep marching up.

2. Random portfolios come in second through fifth.

3. TrufflePig's growth stock selections rank sixth.

4. New yearly lows > $2. I selected these just for comparison purposes. If Tower Group (NASDAQ:TWGP) is eliminated right now (not that this is a valid thing to do), this portfolio would be wiping out everything else at 11.2%. [Note: I won't be dumping this stock unless it goes out of business.]

And last:

5. Seeking Alpha Pro--Long Ideas. There's not too much downside here, but not any explosive upside, either. Perhaps when we revisit these portfolios in the future things will have changed.