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Price Targets And Performance For My Stocks

I think it will serve some of my readers to know my price targets for the stocks I follow. Some I have written about extensively and others I have mentioned following or buying into. The table below will demonstrate all of my positions current and closed. I follow technology and water related investments in general, large and small, from all areas of the investing spectrum.

Stocks Covered In Articles:        
Symbol Sentiment Current Call* Closed Position End Result Time
VHC Extremely Long Yes      
CHGG Wait to buy around $7-$8, then hold until $14-$16 over a year. Yes      
TWTR Avoid Yes      
TSLA Avoid, Buy at $75-$85 Yes      
IBM Long, Target $230 Yes      
QCOM No position, Bullish Short Term Yes      
BBRY Extremely Speculative Buy at $6.50 Yes      
WMT Bullish, short-term target $88 Yes      
AMZN Can't fight the trend, but I wont buy the stock. Yes      
BSET Bullish, Long Term Target $22 Yes      
XGTI Shorted from $3.27 to $1.75   Closed 47% Gain 1 Month
SBS Long $8.50 to $10.92 looking to buy back on any dips.   Closed 28.5% Gain 2.5 Months
XYL Loss from $24.3 to $26.7buy to cover stop order 10% above.   Closed 10% loss Stop Loss kicked in on Sep 9
HLF No position   None    
CDZI Bullish, $10 long term target Yes      
* Current Call Does Not Mean I have taken a position, unless stated in a stocktalk/article. It means I have recommended the security one way or the other    
Stocks On My Watchlist        
Symbol Sentiment Current Call* Comments    
HIPP Long, initiated 11/15 Yes      
MARA Bullish Yes      
OTCQB:MCIG $.06 target buy price Yes      
MIMV $.08 target buy price - need more research Yes      
OTCPK:MJNA Buy at $.05 - $0.10 if it hits it. Was long originally at $0.0246 on 7/2/12 Exited at 12 cents on the way up to $.50 - gain of 500% I can provide evidence on buy for anyone interested
OTCQB:WDDD Avoid - MSJ hearing seems it may be negative, make or break decision Yes      
CCC Buy below $18 Yes      
CWCO Bullish . Buy target below $11 for a long term trade. Yes      
AWK Bullish, target $45 Yes      
VMI Bullish, Target $160 Yes      
VE Avoid Yes      
OTCPK:SZEVY Avoid Yes      
PNR Undecided, had an amazing run. Yes      
* Current Call Does Not Mean I have taken a position, unless stated in a stocktalk/article. It means I have reccomended the security one way or the other.    

I do run a more concentrated portfolio than the general consensus, following a rather large amount of research on the names I am in. I do take measures to limit losses (such as in XYL) though.

I am nowhere near perfect and do not bat 1000, although my ideas are described in my articles, stocktalks and comments for anyone who is interested.

Have a great weekend everyone!



* Always do your own research and contact a financial professional before executing any trades. This article is informational in nature, of my own opinion and is not a recommendation to buy or sell any security.