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Trading results 2/1/11

I was given a serious run for my money with PNRA. I ended up taking some stops and for the most part broke about even. Great signal and great setup but having this beast held overnight didn’t give me a lot of comfort.

I am shorting JDSU as I write this for an overnight. Currently my average is 28.17 but offering higher in hopes of building some more size and at a higher price.
BKS has been moving against me and I will be looking to short more calls on it Monday. I also plan on writing an article about BKS of why I think the dividend is in jeopardy as well as the whole company. I look at moves higher as a reason to short more.
RAX was my trade of the day. I received a William trade signal and put some size on it. I closed out WFMI for a small gain to take some of the loss from trading it yesterday away. Not much at all but my timing on getting out was good in terms of today. I should have held more shares overnight with it perhaps.
SCI was a William next day signal and didn’t go anywhere. I am holding on until Monday with it. I am currently underwater but expect good things come Monday.
JDSU + 22
PNRA + 59
RAX + 682
SCI + 7
WFMI + 97
+ 869