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Trading results 2/25/11

Second day back and it is already Friday. Another good day of trading and I have the weekend to try to get a little bit caught up.

OCLR was my first trade of the day with a gap higher after a William signal. I put a decent amount of size of it considering the price of the stock and the signal. I was able to get a “good return” on the investment. PPO was my big trade of the day. Much of the gain was the result of it moving back and forth while I scalped it. Even with all the scalping I was still able to get an oversized gain as PPO had some large moves back and forth.
Finally there was TRLG as a William signal but I sold at the very top and didn’t get much size on.
I posted a book review of “The Quants” today. Great book and well worth the read. After a few delays I was able to get multi-charts loaded on my computer. I am unsure that I will continue with it or not. Customer service may be an issue. I am not sure yet but will report back as I find out.
I am going to try to add a new feature to the reports starting today. I am going to list my long term longs and shorts (Long term as in more than a day trade)
OCLR + 575
PPO + 749
TRLG + 82
  + 1407

BKS short
COCO long