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Trading results 3/2/11

Busy day with $BGS and $CEDC today.

I faded $CEDC when it broke down below the low of yesterday. It was not able to maintain above $14 so I closed it out early. I received a William 7 signal and then later a William 9 signal with $BGS. I closed out a gain with BGS and at one time was up a lot more. $ BGS was able to find its running shoes and shot up to close near $18 a share. I faded the move higher and shorted right into the close for an overnight hold. I think $BGS got ahead of itself and will pull back tomorrow

If BGS does happen to not open lower I will be looking to add my short in premarket and the opening of the trading day.

$BGS + 237
$CEDC + 144
Today +381