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Trading Results 8/1/11

Wow, another month gone and back to school items on the kitchen table.  I sure like spring better than fall, but fall is not bad.  It is the cold Wisconsin winters that I can do without.

I really wanted to go long the market on Friday.  It seemed like a no brainer, and I talked about it briefly in the chat. In the end, while looking at the spoos near the end of the late session on Friday I decided that political risk or carrying over the weekend outweighed my thoughts (and not much more than that) that the deal would get done and the dumb money would rush in to buy.  Classic buy the rumor and sell the fact, and so I shorted the spoos shortly after the open.  Little did I know how far they would go.  I did manage to grab in the end with about  six or seven trades in total, about 9 points per contract today.

I did get a signal for AGP at the end of the day which I passed on.  I am watching COCO and will likely enter into another long via selling $4 puts with an exp month yet to be determined.  That was about it for the day.  I worked a lot of my research of stocks and stated another book (I love to read).  Well, at least I love to read some stuff.

All in all a very productive day and I am looking forward to getting more sleep after earnings season is over.