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EPA ‘finds’ Greenhouse Gasses Pose threat to Public Health, Welfare

Undoubtedly prodded by the white house to help move along Cap and Trade legislation the EPA comes out with a finding on greenhouse gases.


EPA recently announced their finding that greenhouse gases are indeed a significant contributor to air pollution and climate change, both of which according to the EPA and environmental groups  have a negative impact on human health and welfare. While this finding seems to offer congress the credibility needed to pass cap and trade, even many House Democrats question the amount this proposed legislation would tax the American people.  Especially when the higher ‘tax’ and cost of goods is being pointed right at middle class working families.  Its not as if the rich are going to have their livestyles change over a 15% or more  increase in their utility bills and other costs but a family of four trying to make ends meet sure will.

If passed, cap and trade would give government bureaucrats the greatest control over American businesses yet. Utilities bills could rise 15-20% almost overnight, increasing further as power use rises. The potential detriment to American wealth is even greater given the non-participation of China and India. China not only faces continued population growth, they are facing hundreds of protests daily from workers, farmers, and the unemployed. Businesses considering new factory locations would eagerly choose China or another non-participating country over the US, given the 20%+ savings to be had in addition to the availability of the work force.

Clearly, this legislation would accelerate the shift of wealth, power, and influence from North America to Asia. This would be a sure path toward a lower standard of living for ourselves and our children.

And what about the inconvenient truth??

While factually misleading or simply wrong in many areas, Al Gore was very effective in selling his global warming theory to millions of people. Global warming has become the war cry for rallying the Democratic troops, much the way the right has used religion to strengthen their core base. The fundamental problem is that Mr. Gore is not a good representative of global warming as an environmental concern because he stands to make millions upon millions of dollars with his ownership in cap and trade businesses.

While Mr. Gore has a highly transparent agenda and a clear bias, some of those that oppose him likely have ulterior motives, as well. The oil and power industries must come out in opposition to protect their own business interests. Even the climate scientists on both sides have financial interests in keeping their research programs alive. Should the “crisis” pass, they too will be left unfunded. So how can you trust any of it? In my opinion, unless you want to spend years of your life going over the data yourself, you cannot know.

What we do know is that much of Asia will not be setting limits on emissions anytime in the foreseeable future. If we do, it is going to be ugly. If cap and trade is passed now, it will cripple the US economy in ways this generation cannot imagine.

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