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Oil Moves above and stays above $72 a barrel

Is there anyone in DC awake at the wheel?

Hello Congress and the Feds !!!!!

Did you guys forget to read your history books?

OIL is not moving higher because we are using more of it. Its moving up due to the devaluing of the USD and ASIA is going to pass us up while we are sitting around trying to figure out what the ‘fair’ amount of money to urinate away on government programs is.

We are going to see gas prices at the pump over $3 in the next few weeks and that may seem like cheap gas by the end of the year. What happens when China along with the rest of Asia keeps growing and we sit around taxing the hell out of anything making money back here in the states??

I am soooooo mad that my sons future is being totally mortgaged away so that a few in DC can feel good and not have to make tough choices. Note to congress……. If you extend unemployment benefits you will have HIGHER unemployment AND higher deficits. I guess they still have not figured that simple econ 101 rule out yet.

I am tired of spending time trying to figure out how to protect the few US dollars I have and this ponzi scheme will blow up at some point. The boys and girls in DC know this but are only looking after whats in their best interest and how they can maintain as much power and control as they can. The rest of us get to pay for it.

Ok, I will get off the soapbox now and yes I know that DC isn’t listening but it doesn’t mean its not worth saying


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